Halo fans have a major complaint about the Season 2 trailer

Halo fans have a major complaint about the Season 2 trailer
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Joseph Kime


12th Jan 2024 16:25

The first season of Halo's live-action series didn't quite go down with fans as planned. The Pablo Schreiber-led series had a lot of potential to bring Master Chief to the small screen, something that fans had long been wishing for.

Long-time fans stated that it not only missed the mark with its story, but its choice to unmask Master Chief rubbed many the wrong way. That's not even including the representation of Cortana. Now, the sins that swamped the first season are back in full force in the trailer for the second iteration.

Halo Season 2's poster shows Master Chief without his helmet… again

The grandest issue that players took with the small-screen adaptation was the fact that, for seemingly no reason, Master Chief would defy his orders to keep his helmet on at any opportunity. This means he spent a lot of time without the most iconic part of his suit.

Given that we've never seen Master Chief's full face in the video games, and that the show was quick to get the helmet off, it was a reasonable gripe. We were told Paramount was going to learn from the mistakes of Master Chief's freshman outing, but it's clear that Season 2 has no plans to buck this trend.

The first poster for the series features Master Chief carrying a soldier that is slung over his shoulder - and he isn't wearing his helmet at all. Fans have been quick to complain that without his helmet, the poster looks like it could be for any generic sci-fi show.

While we get to see more of Schreiber to humanise John-117, diehard Halo fanatics are upset that the worst part of Paramount+'s Halo is still present. Whereas HBO's The Last of Us can get away with changes from the games, changing something as massive as Master Chief's signature look is a step too far for many. 

Halo Season 2's trailer features Master Chief in combat with no suit

The first trailer of the game adaptation has revealed that, in addition to fighting without his iconic helmet, Master Chief will also find himself in a moment of combat, pistol in hand, without wearing his Spartan armour at all. We know it's a loose adaptation of the games, but come on!

This is a pretty sacrilegious act for the series to commit, and fans are seething. Much like Disney's The Mandalorian has faced criticism for Din Djarin taking his helmet off, it takes away some of Master Chef's mystique. Sorry, Halo fans - it doesn't look like things are getting better in Season 2.

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