Paramount leaves fans confused by releasing Halo Season 1 for free

Paramount leaves fans confused by releasing Halo Season 1 for free
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Joseph Kime


1st Dec 2023 10:55

Taking video games into live-action has recently proved itself to be the smartest thing you can do for some properties. Though it had a bumpy (and we'll say it - ugly) start, Sonic The Hedgehog has turned into a brilliant franchise of kid's movies.

Moving into the more adult side of the industry, The Last of Us has claimed seemingly endless critical accolades for its appearance as an HBO series. There are also high hopes for upcoming projects like the Ghost of Tsushima movie and Amazon's live-action Fallout series. 

While there's so much excitement in this side of the video game industry, there's no doubt that there have been a few flops along the way. One of the most divisive live-action video game adaptations has just touched down for free. You're welcome...maybe.

Paramount's Halo series goes free on YouTube

In a pretty surprising move (mostly because we'd forgotten about it), it seems that Paramount has accepted that its Halo series didn't get enough eyes on it in time for its second series. The network has done something pretty drastic.

Seemingly in a bid to get some more attention on the first season of Master Chief's live-action debut, Paramount Plus shocked fans by putting the entirety of Halo Season 1 on YouTube, where you can watch it from front to back for nothing.

The news was shared by Wario64 on Twitter, and fans have taken to the comments to roast the show, claiming they'd have to be paid to watch it again - but it looks like they won't have the chance.

Paramount's free Halo stream is already gone

Master Chief in the Halo series, surrounded by a ring of fire.
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For some reason, the entire nine-episode run has now been stripped from the platform, leaving no trace but the empty playlist. Whether it's coming back and the freebie went live before it was supposed, or whether it was a very short-lived venture, we're questioning where Master Chief has gone. 

It's pretty confusing for fans - is Paramount giving us the series for free or not? This is an odd move, but in a stroke of marketing genius, at least it's got us talking about the Pablo Schreiber-led series all over again. Either way, we're going without if we don't have a Paramount Plus subscription. Sorry, Halo fans.

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