Halo’s Project Tatanka battle royale has already risen from the grave

Halo’s Project Tatanka battle royale has already risen from the grave
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Joseph Kime


17th Jan 2024 11:00

It was only yesterday (January 16) that we reported some concerning revelations about the future of the Halo franchise. The project destined to pull Halo out of the ground apparently wasn't happening at all, with the long-awaited battle royale spin-off being canned. 

Project Tatanka started as a battle royale title but supposedly grew to be something much more than that, offering yet another lifeline to Halo Infinite's plans to stand as the basis for Halo content for years to come.

Hopes were dampened by Infinite's pretty meagre seasonal content rollouts, and fans were hoping that Tatanka would give it some new life, but thanks to reports, hopes were dashed. But according to the insiders, the game might not actually be dead after all.

XboxEra: we didn’t claim Project Tatanka was dead

Despite saying on the last XboxEra podcast that "Colt [Eastwood, YouTuber] had mentioned that Tatanka had been shelved. I don't know if he said ‘shelved’ or ‘cancelled,’ I haven’t watched his clip," Shpeshal_Nick and the rest of the XboxEra team are refuting claims that they've hinted towards the game's cancellation in a new article.

The group of insiders have suggested that because they were simply mentioning another leaker's claim, and then corroborating independently that they'd heard similar rumours in the industry, they shouldn't be held to the claim.

This seems like a case of closing the gate once the horse has bolted, but with multiple outlets (including ourselves) jumping on the idea that the Halo battle royale is no more, it's likely a case of damage control. It's an incredibly fine line that has naturally confused Halo fans and left them wondering what's to come. 

No one knows what's going on with Halo's Project Tatanka

Master Chief doused in shadow in Halo Infinite.
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We ultimately don't know what's happening with Project Tatanka at this stage. Some fans are hoping that this leaves a little hope for Tatanka to keep on trundling. It is hard to tell; however, this revelation only suggests that XboxEra doesn't hold the claim.

ColtEastwood still suggested the Halo battle royale is dead, and it was heard elsewhere XboxEra co-host Sikamikanico. Even if we don't know how much truth is attached to it, the rumour still exists in the industry.

Halo's battle royale title could be dead in the water or alive and well, but the water is murky and getting murkier by the moment. We'll only know when 343 Industries speak up, and lord knows when that'll be.

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