Halo Infinite Can't Stop Losing Staff

Halo Infinite Can't Stop Losing Staff
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Joseph Kime


15th Sep 2022 09:04

We knew the day would come, but we were reluctant to acknowledge that it was happening before our very eyes - Halo Infinite is dropping off.

Despite its incredibly strong launch, the shooter series failed to follow through on some of its biggest promises, like its co-op campaign and Forge arriving in any good time. This has turned a lot of fans off, and Halo Infinite has struggled since. It's not just players jumping ship - and as it turns out, so are the staff.

343 Industries Loses Technology Developer

Halo Infinite Can't Stop Losing Staff
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After the company has lost its founder, it seems that the Halo Infinite team is haemorrhaging staff as fast as it's haemorrhaging players.

As reported by Lords of Gaming, it looks like the Lead Developer of Halo Infinite's Slipspace Engine, David Berger, is set to leave 343 Industries. He has been leading technical development on the series since Halo 4, so this seems to be a pretty huge loss for the studio.

The publication reports that two anonymous sources have provided stories that indicate the departure of the Technology Head, who has been a huge part of the company for some time now. His leaving is likely to leave a big hole in 343 Industries, as his work certainly seemed essential to development. Who knows what this means for the company internally, but it looks as though Berger is another in a long line of long-term staff who are leaving the Halo family.


343 Industries Founder Leaves The Company

This news comes in the wake of the reveal that the founder of 343 Industries itself, Bonnie Ross, will be stepping down from her role in retirement after 15 years of service to attend to a family medical issue. "I am incredibly proud of the work everyone at 343 Industries has done with Halo Infinite, The Master Chief Collection, the Halo television series and so much more," she says.

Ross continued, "It has been an honor to serve alongside the team for the last 15 years and to be a part of a universe that I love." It's a shame to see this gaming giant lose so many staff, and it could be indicative of Halo Infinite's development behind the scenes. Who knows what to expect from the game going forward, but one thing's for sure - Halo Infinite sounds like is running on reserves right now.

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