Xbox's War Gods Zeus Of Child Is A Blatant God Of War Rip-Off

Xbox's War Gods Zeus Of Child Is A Blatant God Of War Rip-Off
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Joseph Kime


3rd Aug 2022 09:10

God of War has undergone a huge cultural reassessment since the release of the rebooted title on the PS4 in 2018. It made Kratos' name a symbol of the narrative masterworks that gaming can produce, rather than a hacking-and-slashing behemoth. Even though hacking-and-slashing behemoths are pretty cool too.

The latest game was a big deal, and its upcoming Ragnarok sequel is set to be quite the same - but it looks like opportunists are trying to capitalise on that. And Microsoft isn't doing much to stop them.

What Is The God Of War Rip-Off?

Xbox's War Gods Zeus Of Child Is A Blatant God Of War Rip-Off
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A shameless copy of God of War has appeared on the Xbox store, and it's pretty egregious. The game, titled War Gods Zeus of Child (for some reason) is a janky slasher that puts you in the boots of… actual Kratos.

You'd think that it would incur some sort of legal action, but here we are. According to Eurogamer, War Gods Zeus of Child is a pretty dreadful game that does little but drop you in an arena. It then asks you to bash an endless stream of baddies until you give up or die.

The abysmal title is easy to break by simply walking out of bounds, and with no music or sound effects, Gods Zeus of Child is a useless test that makes the most of the God of War protagonist. It's pretty sad to see Kratos ripped in such a shameless fashion, but the game seems like something that Xbox fans wish they had access to.


Phil Spencer Is Anticipating God Of War: Ragnarok

Though 2022 has proven itself to be a pretty dry month for big releases, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer knows what he's looking forward to - God of War Ragnarok. In a reply to Xbox's official Twitter account asking users to list their first, last, and favourites in the gaming world, Phil Spencer says that the game he wants to play next is God Of War: Ragnarok.

It's no surprise that even the leader of the opposition is excited for the upcoming God of War game - which is one of the big reasons gamers have been buying a PS5. Spencer will presumably be booting up Ragnarok when it arrives, but in the meantime, maybe it's time for him to keep an eye on his own store for God of War rip-offs. 

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