Wild GTA 6 fan theory has a surprising Red Dead connection

Wild GTA 6 fan theory has a surprising Red Dead connection
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20th Dec 2023 10:46

The future of Grand Theft Auto is here, and as we get ready to race into a new era of this automotive adventure, all bets are off. Although we've only seen the first trailer for GTA 6, it already looks like Rockstar Games is living up to its potential of delivering a truly new-gen game...in 2025

While the first GTA 6 reveal was only 91 seconds of footage, it confirmed plenty of the long-held rumours/leaks that we've been hearing about. Alongside a return to the beloved Vice City (albeit in the present day), we got to see the dual protagonists of Lucia and Jason - well, Rockstar stopped short of giving him a name.

GTA 6 theory claims Jason is related to John Marston

With the GTA 6 trailer being billed as "Trailer 1", there's still plenty more to come. Good news, because at the very worst, GTA 6 could be released at the end of 2025, meaning it could be a full two years before we get to play. That's if it isn't delayed. As we wait for "Trailer 2" and a presumed focus on Lucia's partner in crime, an interesting theory has popped up.

When the first GTA 6 trailer started doing the rounds, players joked that Jason looked like Arthur Morgan. Others said he looks like a mix between Red Dead protagonist John Marston and RDR2's Morgan - leading to jokes he's John Morgan. Now, someone has pitched the idea that Jason is a distant relative of John. 

Twitter account NikTek shared their theory, which soon took off for all the wrong reasons. Some said the OP needed to get their eyes tested, and whether they were just looking for clout or genuinely believed their own post, they got the reaction they were looking for.

One critic mused, "Nothing to have with Marston, maybe Arthur Morgan yes but Marston naah you gotta be so dumb dude," while another added, "They don't even look alike bruh 🙄." A third even tagged the official Specsavers account and asked for the poster to check their eyesight.

The mysterious Jason

Jason and Lucia GTA 6 shootout
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With Lucia being the focus of the first trailer, there were all the typical complaints that GTA 6 has gone 'woke.' Other bros wanted #JusticeforJason, saying that his character didn't get enough screen time. Even if Lucia was the focus, there's plenty of time to get to know Jason (or whatever he's called).

Early GTA 6 leaks pitched Jason and Lucia as a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired couple, and from the looks of it, that's how things go down. We know Lucia spends some time behind bars, leading to another interesting theory that Jason could be an undercover cop who sells her out.

We like the idea that Jason could be related to one of the Red Dead gang, or what if he's connected to a previous GTA title? Some think he looks a bit like GTA 4's Niko, but the best one we've heard is that he could be related to Vice City's Tommy. That would be a great way to bring things back around. 

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