Which Fortnite Season Was The Best?

Which Fortnite Season Was The Best?

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7th Jun 2021 17:51

With Chapter 2 - Season 6 on the horizon, we are now through 15 whole seasons of Fortnite. Where did the time go? As we prepare for Chapter 2 - Season 6, let’s take a trip down memory lane and rank all fifteen seasons of Fortnite from worst to best.

15. Season X

The final season of Chapter 1. The theme of Season X was time. The Zero Point was destabilising, causing time to be distorted around the island. Locations, items, and more from seasons past returned for this cumulative season.

Unfortunately, the only thing most people remember about Season X was the B.R.U.T.E. These vehicles of mass destruction plagued the game like nothing we’ve ever seen before. There was no reliable counter to a B.R.U.T.E.

It’s hard to recall a time in any game where the community as a whole united to protest something like the B.R.U.T.E. The B.R.U.T.E made everyone forget any good that came with Season X.

The Black Hole Event to end Season X was one of the few redeeming qualities of the season. Fortnite entered into a black hole and was unplayable for two whole days. This generated enormous hype and tons of questions. It was a brave decision on Epic’s part, and they deserve at least a little bit of credit for that.

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14. Season 1

Season 1 is where it all started. The game was as bare-bones as it comes. As many readers probably know, Fortnite was originally just Save The World. Epic Games never planned for it to become the biggest Battle Royale on the planet.

Season 1 brings back tonnes of nostalgic memories, but a lot of it is viewed with rose-tinted glasses. People forget how many 'quality of life' changes there have been in the time since. Back then, players could not build through terrain like trees, building was much more difficult without settings like Builder Pro, materials did not automatically swap when you ran out, and much much more.

Season 1 holds a special place in history, but the game has been much improved in the time since.

13. Season 6

Season 6 gave birth to Fortnitemares. The Halloween-themed season introduced a PvE aspect to the Battle Royale game. Zombies roamed the island, attacking players and dropping loot. Additionally, a massive floating island flew around the map piloted by Kevin, the giant purple cube. This all accumulated in the Butterfly Event, one of the best live-events in Fortnite history.

Season 6 wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The idea of zombies sounds nice on the surface, but they became more of a nuisance than a positive. Trying to fight off enemy players while being chased by zombies was rage-inducing.

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12. Season 7

A giant iceberg collides with the Fortnite island, spreading snow across part of the map. Season 7 introduced some extremely controversial items into the game: Planes and the Infinity Blade. Both of these additions certainly made the game interesting, but were largely unpopular.

After a backlash, Epic Games openly admitted that the Infinity Blade had no place in the game. In a tweet, Epic Games wrote, “we messed up and rolled out the Infinity Blade overpowered / without good counters, especially in the end game.”

Season 7 had some great new points of interest (POI), but Planes and the Infinity Blade cast a dark shadow on this season.

11. Chapter 2 - Season 2

Chapter 2 - Season 2 was spy-themed. The factions of Ghost and Shadow were introduced into the game. The five new POIs of Chapter 2 - Season 2 were guarded by Henchmen led by a Boss. These Bosses dropped powerful Mythic weapons, another new addition to Fortnite.

The Chapter 2 - Season 2 Battle Pass was amazing. The Battle Pass was loaded with original designs, including Fortnite's first Forged Cosmetic. Gear Specialist Maya was customisable from head to toe with the promise that each skin would be one-of-a-kind and unique to its creator.

This season is where Fortnite: Battle Royale really became a PvP/PvE game. Every season since has featured AI that roams the island along with real players. Chapter 2 - Season 2 was hindered by its length. This season really dragged. At a length of 118 days, Chapter 2 - Season 2 was the second-longest Fortnite season ever.

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10. Chapter 2 - Season 1

Chapter 2 - Season 1 changed the Fortnite world as we knew it. Stumbling out of the black hole, players were greeted with a brand-new map. Additionally, the base of the game had been completely reworked. Players could swim and fish, the Battle Pass system had been revamped, weapons could be upgraded and sidegrade, and that’s just some of it. Players may forget just how different the game was back in Chapter 1.

It really was a favourite of the pro community. Pros loved the simplicity of the weapons, lack of crazy movement abilities and vehicles, and the overall balance. Though, there’s an argument that gameplay got stale toward the end with the limited arsenal of items available to players.

Chapter 2 - Season 1 was the only season longer than Chapter 2 - Season 2. The constant delays and extensions left a bad taste in much of the community's mouth.

9. Season 8 

Season 8 provided the most diverse map ever. We had a snow biome, a desert biome, a jungle biome, along with the general biome. Season 8 introduced the notorious Ballers, plus two of the greatest limited-time modes (LTMs) to ever exist in Fortnite. These modes were the Avengers Endgame Event and our personal favourite, Floor Is Lava.

8. Chapter 2 - Season 3

The map is underwater! This aquatic-themed season followed in the footsteps of its predecessor. Chapter 2 - Season 3 came with a batch of new POIs loaded with Henchmen and Bosses with their own sets of unique Mythic items.

Some of the original features of Chapter 2 - Season 3 include Sharks and drivable automobiles. All in all, it was a very fun season.

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7. Chapter 2 - Season 5

The current season, Chapter 2 - Season 5 takes the number seven spot on our list. Without too much time to digest this season, it felt appropriate to stick it right in the middle.

Chapter 2 - Season 5 brought us the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. This was just the beginning of the ridiculous crossovers. Just this season we’ve seen Master Chief, Kratos, Alien, Predator, the Terminator, and so much more. 

Spicing up this insane cast of characters, Chapter 2 - Season 5 merged two of Fortnite’s most legendary POIs to create Salty Towers. Finally, Chapter 2 - Season 3 brought us a new rarity of items, Exotic.

This season could very well age like fine wine and climb the rankings at some point in the future.

6. Season 3

Season 3 of Fortnite built on the foundation of the previous two seasons. This OG season was the first time we saw a 100 tier Battle Pass. This Battle Pass was led by Reaper, AKA, John Wick before the official collab. 

It was also the first time we saw the Fortnite story really play out. Toward the end of Season 3, meteors began falling from the sky. This led to the ultimate demise of Dusty Depot and the onset of Season 4.

Season 3 didn’t change the game too much, but it had everything that made Fortnite, Fortnite.

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5. Chapter 2 - Season 4

The only Chapter 2 season to make the top five, Chapter 2 - Season 4 deserves a spot in the video game hall of fame. Chapter 2 - Season 4 was able to accomplish what no other video game ever has.

Chapter 2 - Season 4 was a full-fledged collab season. The entire theme of Chapter 2 - Season 4 was Marvel. Every kid’s favourite superhero was available for use in the game of Fortnite.

According to the developers, this season was in the works for quite a long time. On one hand, some players saw this as “selling out”. But, the Marvel-themed season actually fused with the Fortnite story nicely

Chapter 2- Season 4 changed the course of Fortnite forever and established Fortnite as much more than just a video game. At this point, Fortnite is a whole different beast than what it was back in Season 1. Chapter 2 - Season 4 deserves its spot on this list based purely on what it meant for video games as a whole.

4. Season 5

Worlds collide in Season 5. Artefacts from all over the world started to appear in the Fortnite world via rifts.

Season 5 was headlined by Drift, an iconic skin to this day. Season 5 gave us Paradise Palms and the desert. This was the first new biome introduced to the Fortnite map. Movement was at an all-time high with new features like rifts and Rift-To-Go’s. Additionally, the fan-favourite Heavy Sniper was released in Season 5.

Asking around the community, most players will say that Season 5 was when Fortnite was at its best.

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3. Season 9

This might be a point of contention, but we think Season 9 was a top-three season in Fortnite history. The futuristic-theme gave home to some awesome new locations like Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. 

The reason we love this season boils down to the insane movement options at our disposal. The Slipstreams and Sky Platforms made traversing the map a breeze. The game was so fast-paced and rewarding to play. On top of it, the Combat Shotgun added variety to the weapon pool and overtook the Pump as the go-to shotgun.

Finally, the Final Showdown Event capped off a stunning season.

2. Season 2

Just hearing the words Fortnite - Season 2 makes us warm and fuzzy inside. Season 2 was a beautiful time. Fortnite was still new, but we finally had a real season to play with. Season 2 brought us the first-ever Battle Pass, the famous Tilted Towers, and other staples of Fortnite as a whole.

Season 2 took what Season 1 did and made it better. Season 2 earns the number two spot thanks to its innovation and the nostalgia surrounding it.

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1. Season 4

Season 4 cranked Fortnite up to a new level. You truly felt powerful as a player. The scandalous double-Pump thrived and the Tommy Gun and Jet Packs were introduced. New locations galore and an original Battle Pass added to the fun. Season 4 had everything players could want.

Season 4 was home to a plethora of Fortnite firsts. The first-ever collab LTM with Thanos, the first-ever vehicle, and the first-ever live event. The Rocket Event was a surreal experience where anyone that was a part of it will look back on the memory fondly.

Season 4 was undeniably when Fortnite was at its peak.


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