Is A Naked Banana Inappropriate? The Epic Games vs Apple Judges Aren't Sure

Is A Naked Banana Inappropriate? The Epic Games vs Apple Judges Aren't Sure

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Mackenzie O Brien


7th Jun 2021 17:37

Apple and Epic games are at it again. The two companies are facing off in court over antitrust claims after Epic Games was banned from the App Store. Many people are uncertain which company will come out on top, as Epic Games has the public's favour, whereas Apple seems to be in the court's favour. 

While this massive court battle is underway, there have been a series of hilarious events that have solidified it in the general public's knowledge. Since the lawsuit itself is so serious, many people are in shock that such madness has unfolded in the courtroom.

The trial started two weeks ago with a conference call blunder. The courtroom staff had opened a free public conference call so that spectators could listen to the court proceedings live. Unfortunately, they forgot to mute all of the participants, which led to massive chaos. This chaos ended up postponing Tim Sweeney's opening statements in court by a few minutes. After 20 minutes, the courtroom staff finally figured out how to mute users, which ended the chants of "Free Fortnite!", but only for a little.

Only two weeks later, the courtroom events are making headlines again. This time, it is for something completely different; an argument so silly that it could only happen in a courtroom. 

During the court proceedings, Apple lawyers and spokespeople presented a picture of Peely, Fortnite's banana character. They had shown the picture of the banana character in his Agent Peely form, complete with a suit. The attorney then commented that he had used the picture, as he didn't think that the "naked" Peely was appropriate for the courtroom.

Later, the issue was brought up again, with the court deciding that showing a "naked" banana was not at all inappropriate, as it is "just a banana." 

This line was given by Epic Games' Vice President of Marketing, who was responding flatly to the court's critique of Fortnite's favourite banana. 

The esports and gaming communities came together to have a collective laugh about this event, with many memes and jokes spawning from the event. 

Many players were in awe that something like this had occurred in a courtroom, as it seems like a situation that could only exist in a meme or skit. Fortunately or unfortunately for Fortnite fans, the exchange did happen. 

Social media is blowing up about the exchange, even still. Even though it took place earlier in the week, the internet still can't get enough of the "naked" Peely argument in court. The internet has shared the exchange everywhere, and it has made the rounds on Twitter and YouTube. The situation is comedy gold, which instantly appeals to fans of both Apple and Epic Games. 

Some people are expecting a new Fortnite skin in response to the courtroom drama, which could be a new Peely variant. Fans are suggesting making an "Apple" Peely or some other jab at the tech company. Fortnite players are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this instant meme skin, which will hopefully come into fruition soon.

What most people find especially hilarious is that the situation was addressed at two separate points in time. Many players believe that the fact that Apple believed Peely to be inappropriate while not clothed shows a misunderstanding of Epic Games' product. 

Additionally, players are also under the consensus that it was silly of the Epic Games attorney to later ask the judge if they thought the banana was inappropriate. The whole situation seems almost parodical, except it happened and was made note of in the courtroom minutes. 

Both Fortnite and Apple fans joined together on social media to share their favourite courtroom moments or memes. Despite not knowing who will come out victorious in the court, Apple and Epic Games fans at least seem to be united in one thing - memes. 

While it may seem implausible that a trial could be funny, the Epic Games and Apple trial has created plenty of memes since its inception in 2020. 

The trial itself has been a hot topic on social media, as fans seem genuinely excited and intrigued for the courtroom proceedings to continue. Ever since the Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite video released in 2020, people have been anxiously awaiting the trial. Fans of Fortnite seemed to expect memes, as the Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite and Free Fortnite became iconic additions to Fortnite's lore. 

With hilarious technical difficulties and awkward questions in just the first two weeks, the Apple vs Epic Games trial is shaping up to be a trial to remember. Many people are anxious about the court's decision since there will be no jury in the trial. 

However, with the sheer quantity of memes being dispersed by the court, it seems that this trial will at least be entertaining. While it may be impossible to predict who will win, at least the world knows that Peely the banana isn't inappropriate. 


Images via Epic Games

Mackenzie is a Freelance Journalist at GGRecon, she has experience in the social media side to the gaming industry.

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