The greatest Fortnite LTMs of all-time.

17:50, 03 Aug 2020

Fortnite is celebrating the Summer season with a “Summer Splash” event. Last year, we had “14 Days of Summer”, where Epic Games unvaulted a new weapon each day. This time, Epic will hit players with a dose of new and returning limited-time modes (LTMs). Every 2-4 days a new LTM will make an appearance.

In celebration, the GGRecon team thought it would be appropriate to rank the top 5 LTMs in Fortnite history. In its short lifespan, Fortnite has unveiled over 50 different limited-time modes. This particular bunch stands out among the best.

Fortnite LTM

5. Solid Gold

Solid Gold was one of the first limited-time modes ever introduced into Fortnite. The premise is simple — everything is gold. The mode operates as a standard game of battle royale would. The only difference is that every weapon and item is Legendary rarity.

Despite its simplicity, the mode is loads of fun. There is a reason Solid Gold returns to the game mode lineup regularly. The community loves it.

The fact that everything is Legendary completely changes the combat. Usually, it would be tough for one player to take out a squad by themselves. In Solid Gold, a skilled shooter can eliminate opponents in mere seconds thanks to the enhanced firepower legendary weapons offer.

The overall structure of the mode emphasizes fast-paced action. Players gather materials at an increased rate and mats drop as floor loot in higher quantities. This means less farming and more fighting. Also, Launch Pads spawn at a higher rate. Players can fly around the map chasing fights constantly. Solid Gold has way less downtime compared to its standard counterparts.

Solid Gold does LTMs right. The overall feel of the game remains the same but its unique features work to offer a nice change of pace from standard modes.

Fortnite LTM

4. The Getaway

The Getaway LTM was the first mode that changed the common objective of Fortnite. This LTM was an experiment outside the battle royale realm. Typically, the goal is to be the last player standing. In The Getaway, the goal of the mode is to collect a Jewel and escape to a Getaway Van. Unlike the traditional modes, up to four teams can win in a single match.

The Getaway allows players to strategize at levels previously unseen. Do you hot-drop onto a Jewel and try to escape as fast as possible? Or do you loot up, camp a Getaway Van and let the enemies bring the Jewel to you? Maybe you wait things out and make your move late in the game when things have died down. There are SO many different ways to approach this one-of-a-kind LTM.

The Getaway earns the fourth spot on our list for its innovation. The developers decided to experiment with what Fortnite as a game could offer and the results speak for themselves. The Getaway is a prime example of what people mean when they say Fortnite is more than just a battle royale game. 

Fortnite LTM

3. Siphon

The Siphon LTM holds a special place in competitive players' hearts. There had always been talks in the community around offering health to players following a kill. Sometimes it can be hard to come across healing items and using them after each encounter takes some time. With health on kill, the action never stops and it makes 1 vs. X fights much more manageable. 

Well, competitive players finally got their wish with the Siphon LTM. In Siphon, players are rewarded 50 health or shield after every kill. On top of that, healing items do not exist in Siphon mode. This means that the only way to recover health is to battle.

As one would imagine, this ruleset benefits the skilled, aggressive player immensely. Talented players can run through enemy after enemy without ever needing to stop and heal. Passive players are stuck without shields and at a huge disadvantage if they aren’t getting any kills.

The mode was met with so much positive reception that Epic Games added the Siphon mechanic to the standard game modes. However, the fun was short-lived. Epic Games believed that Siphon bent the game too heavily into the “sweaty” players' favour. It became much more difficult for the average player to win when the best players always had full health and shields.

Nowadays, Siphon remains in the Arena playlist. All thanks to the OG Siphon LTM.

Fortnite LTM

2. Air Royale

Air Royale is every Star Fox fanatic’s dream. Players are dropped onto the map in an X4 Stormwing — Fortnite’s version of the aeroplane. The following includes participants duking it out in all-out air warfare. Landing the plane or your person on the ground results in immediate death. Each team is granted three plane lives.

The LTM has a little more depth to it than that though. Since it’s teams of two, the non-pilot player can participate in movie-like hijackings. The Pilot should do their best to get in range of an enemy plane. Then, their partner can jump out into the sky and take claim of an opponent’s vehicle. Winning the fight for another team’s plane will grant your team an extra life. This feature makes for high-octane action as players manoeuvre through the skies.

Loot and power-ups also exist in Air Royale. Loot Rings in the sky spawn chests with higher-tier weapons and special attacks for planes. Air Royale has Rocket Launcher attachments, Fiery Lasers and Ice Blast attacks.

Air Royale made you feel like you were straight out of a Star Wars cinematic. 

Fortnite LTM

1. Floor Is Lava

Coming in at #1, we have Floor is Lava. The game starts innocently enough. Players go around looting just like any ol’ game. Soon enough though, molten lava begins rising from the ground. Players are forced to retreat to the highest mountains and hills or build salvation themselves. Materials regenerate slowly over time so you’ll never be left with no way out.

Things get more and more intense as the map slowly becomes submerged beneath the waves of red hot lava. Long-range battles begin to occur across an ocean of lava. As the Storm moves in, players must Launch Pad, Rift-To-Go, or build to safety. Usually, this means commandeering an enemy team’s base. There is nothing quite like fighting in a multilayered battle while molten rock rises higher and higher beneath you.

Floor Is Lava is pure action-packed fun. There is never a dull moment. The thrill of escaping the grasp of hot lava while also dealing with enemy players is unparalleled. This mode was so popular, they made a Netflix reality show after it! (Or so we'd like to think that’s where Netflix got the idea from)

Fortnite’s roster of limited-time modes is extraordinary. However, Floor Is Lava rises above the rest. Do you agree or disagree with our list? Did we leave your favourite LTM out? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @GGRecon_.

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