Fortnite needs more live in-game events — here’s why.

18:31, 27 Dec 2020

Fortnite’s live in-game events have been on a continuous downtrend for quite some time now. Early on in Fortnite’s life, the player base was blessed with some truly phenomenal live in-game events. The Butterfly Event, The Unvaulting, and The Final Showdown to name just a few. 

Nowadays, live in-game events are few and far between. Prior to Chapter 2 - Season 4’s The Devourer of Worlds event, there had only been one other major story event throughout all of Chapter 2. Furthermore, the missing story events are not getting replaced by anything. We had Travis Scott's Astronomical event in Chapter 2 - Season 2, but that’s pretty much it.

This begs the question, does Fortnite need to host more big in-game events? 

Revive the Player Base

Epic Games does not publicly reveal Fortnite’s player count, but it’s obvious the game isn't as popular as it was during its peak a few seasons ago. The new Reboot a Friend system is evidence of that. Fortnite is offering players free rewards if they can convince a friend that quit the game to return.

However, Fortnite is certainly not “dead”. The game is still immensely popular in the grand scheme of things. Fortnite’s live in-game events represent the pinnacle of the game’s true potential. The latest in-game event, The Devourer of Worlds, broke records. Over 15.3 million players tuned in to take on Galactus. An additional 3.4 million witnessed the event on Twitch and YouTube. These are astronomical numbers and proof that there are tons of people out there still interested in Fortnite.


So, Fortnite’s numbers are dwindling overall but explode during live in-game events. What does that mean? We need more in-game events of course! Fortnite’s stunning In-game events offer something not many other games can, and they bring the community together. 

Hosting live in-game events draws people into the game. Once players are back, there’s a decent chance they’ll have their love for the game rekindled and stick around. And that takes us to our next point…


Rejuvenate the Lore

Fortnite’s extensive lore is the reason so many players are still invested in the game. Whether they’re still an active player or not, millions of people tune in to watch the spectacle and see what’s next in the Fortnite story.


The lack of in-game events as of late is really putting a damper on the lore building. Believe it or not, through the four complete seasons of Chapter 2, there have only been two season-ending story events. Compare this to Chapter 1. Every season after Season 4 had its own season finale. The story of Fortnite will stagnate and players will lose interest if this schedule continues on much longer. 

Fortnite needs to return to the ways of Chapter 1; In-game season finales toward the end of every season.

Fortnite Battle Royale Event Gjpg

Restore the Hype

Live in-game events create hype. New weapons, map changes, and cosmetics are nice, but the in-game events are what everyone talks about.


My friends and I have played Fortnite on and off since its initial release. Some seasons we played more, some we played less. Regardless of our interest in any particular season, we always came back for the in-game events. I remember organising watch parties with friends to spectate the Blast Off Event, the Butterfly Event, Marshmello’s Showtime concert, and more. These events generate enormous hype in-game and out of the game.

Every live in-game event is the talk of the internet for that day, if not longer. Season X’s finale event sent Fortnite into a black hole. During this time, no one could play the game. The black hole lasted for almost three entire days.

Throughout this period, Fortnite was the #1 trending topic on social media. EVERYONE was talking about it. “When is Fortnite coming back?” “Are we getting a new map?” “What will the next season’s theme be?” If you went on the internet, you were going to read something about Fortnite.

This kind of hype can not be matched by anything other than monumental in-game events. The Devourer of Worlds event’s record-breaking success is a testament to the impact live in-game events have on Fortnite as a whole. Obviously, these take a lot of work and can’t be created on a whim, but continuously hosting live events is crucial to Fortnite’s success.


Overall, Fortnite’s developers have done an awesome job of making Fortnite what it is today. However, it seems as if they’re getting away from one of the things that got it to this point — big in-game events. In-game events are necessary to revive the playerbase, rejuvenate the lore, and restore the hype. Without them, Fortnite will never return to its former glory.


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