Where to Find the New Mythic Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3

Where to Find the New Mythic Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3

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Coleman Hamstead


23rd Jun 2020 12:30

Mythic weapons and items have become a staple of the Fortnite universe. Ever since the infamous Infinity Blade, Epic Games has made it their mission to incorporate these one-of-a-kind signature weapons.

Just like last season, there are six brand new Mythic weapons and items to discover. This time, however, there are only three Henchmen-filled hideouts. This means that each boss wields two different Mythic items. These two items are split up into one devastating gun and another powerful utility item.

Chapter 2 - Season 2 had a lot more territory to fight over. Five hideouts and five bosses meant that not every Mythic POI was swamped with enemies. With only three total bosses in Season 3, each location tends to be extremely contested. There simply isn’t enough real estate to go around. Everyone wants their hands on these new Mythic items.

To survive, you and your squad will need to prepare. Each hideout is heavily guarded by Henchmen, turrets, lasers and the like. A powerful “boss” patrols each location. Each boss has enhanced health and will take a concerted effort to defeat. They don’t go down without a fight either. Kit, for example, can one-shot a fully shielded player with their Mythic Charge Shotgun.

Below, we will list all of the available Mythic weapons and items in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3. Additionally, we will guide readers through the best strategies to obtain them and the unique attributes each one possesses.

Fortnite Mythic Weapon Locations
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Kit’s Charge Shotgun and Kit’s Shockwave Launcher

At the south-east most point of the map, you will find Catty Corner. This new POI is home to Kit. Kit is the son of Season 2’s legendary agent, Meowscles. On the outside, Kit is a cute and cuddly kitten decked out in a mech suit. In reality, this young feline is anything but.

Kit and their team of robotic Henchmen patrol the scrapyard-like POI. Kit can spawn at both the gas station and the side with the main base, so make sure to check both. When defeated, Kit will drop the Mythic Shockwave Launcher, Charge Shotgun and Catty Corner Vault Keycard.

Making it out of Catty Corner with these two Mythic items is no easy task. For being a named POI, Catty Corner is quite small. The area is extremely condensed and packed with aggressive Henchmen. On top of that, there are usually not many guns or materials to go around. Players can easily find themselves weaponless with little to no material to defend themselves with. Factor all of that in with the influx of other players hunting these elusive items, and you have a recipe for mayhem. 

If one manages to escape the highly-contested POI with the loot intact, they will be set up for success. The Shockwave Launcher and Charge Shotgun are debatably the best combo of Mythic items available  — especially for aggressive players. Kit’s Charge Shotgun can take an enemy player from 200 to 0 HP with ease. It also has a 66% increased magazine size compared to its standard counterpart. The Shockwave Launcher offers a plethora of utility. It can be used to both chase and escape enemy players, claim high ground and break into enemy builds.

Fortnite Mythic Weapon Locations
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Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle and Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug

The last stand of the GHOST faction — The Fortilla — lies to the south-west of the map.  This POI holds the last remnants of GHOST along with their new leader, Ocean. The Fortilla atoll is expansive, made of many mini-islands with a massive structure in the middle. Ocean patrols the entire POI and can spawn anywhere, even in the water. Luckily, her outfit style and pink hair make her stand out among the white-suited GHOST Henchmen. Locate and eliminate her to receive the Mythic Burst Assault Rifle, Bottomless Chug Jug and Fortilla’s Keycard.

Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle is absolutely deadly in a marksman’s hands. The gun does 37 damage to the body and 55 to the head. Firing in two-round bursts, Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle can eliminate a fully shielded player in just two headshots.

The Bottomless Chug Jug works just like the old Chug Jug used to. However, it’s not a one time use anymore. The Bottomless Chug Jug replenishes every minute, similar to the vaulted Bandage Bazooka. The user can max out their HP and shields every minute on the dot without the need to hold onto other healing items. This is especially useful in squads, where a team can pass the Bottomless Chug around and replenish the whole group’s health.

Fortnite Mythic Weapon Locations
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Jules’ Drum Gun and Jules’ Glider Gun

Dead smack in the middle of the map is The Authority. For now, the SHADOW faction has won the war with GHOST. SHADOW took it upon themselves to remodel the old Agency and turn it into The Authority.

As the opening trailer for Chapter 2 - Season 3 showed, Season 2’s antagonist, Midas, is no longer with us. In his place, Jules - The Engineer, has taken over as the boss of SHADOW. Jules watches over the heavily fortified Authority while guarded by an army of SHADOW Henchmen.

Just like Midas, Jules has her very own Mythic Drum Gun. While Jules’ Drum Gun is not quite as powerful as Midas’ one, it is still deadly. Locating Jules can be difficult due to how tight and condensed The Authority POI is. There are many stories and rooms located throughout. Keep an ear out for the distinct sound of the Drum Gun firing off rounds. Follow the noise to hunt down Jules.

Along with the Mythic Drum Gun, Jules will drop her signature Glider Gun. Similar to Skye’s Glider from last season, Jules’ Glider Gun has infinite uses. These two differ in that Jules’ Glider Gun actually redeploys a glider mid-air, just like the vaulted Batman Grapnel Gun. This mechanic has both pros and cons. It is not as powerful a tool for retaking high ground as Skye’s Grappler. However, the glider allows players to travel farther distances and voids the risk of incurring fall damage. 

Fortnite Mythic Weapon Locations
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The information above will be a major help in your search for these exclusive items. ‘Tis a new season, and new POIs are always hot commodities. Add in the one-of-a-kind Mythic items, and the result is dozens of players landing at each location.

Keep in mind, there is always the chance you could run into another player with one of these items and defeat them in combat. Taking these items off of another human player is the only other way to find one in-game.

Stay tuned here at GGRecon for more tips and tricks relating to Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3.

Images via Epic Games | @iFireMonkey | Joey Rex

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