What’s up with the sharks in Fortnite?

14:00, 20 Jun 2020

One of the coolest new additions to Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 is the deadly sharks swimming in the water. While not too plentiful, chances are you’ll see one or two of the creatures if you go near any large body of water. Many players are thanking their lucky stars for this because the predators seem to be a little too aggressive. They can jump out of the water onto land in order to kill players and also destroy any structure in their way. This kind of behaviour begs the question, are sharks too overpowered in Season 3?

What’s up with the sharks in Fortnite?

At first glance, it looked the sharks would be a neat addition to the Fortnite meta. In the Season 3 trailer, we can visibly see that you’re able to ride sharks with a fishing rod. This in and of itself was a great idea, as more water means more traversal methods are needed.

However, when players loaded up a Season 3 match, many quickly found out that the sharks pose a much bigger threat than originally thought. If you’re walking near the edge of the water or on a structure in the middle of the water, a shark can jump out and attack you, as seen below.

Though the sharks can’t down you while at full health, they can deal a significant amount of damage. Along with that, the sharks themselves take an inordinate amount of bullets to kill, as Tfue demonstrated yesterday.

Something else to note in the above clip, sharks can jump a long way if they see prey near the water. Pair this with how hard it is to kill them and you have a formidable beast on your hands.


It’s clear to many that the sharks need some tuning in Fortnite Season 3. Epic Games should look at lowering the creature’s health or adjusting their ability to dive on land and kill players who are healing or shooting at another enemy. However, at this point, any nerf is welcome by the community. Players don’t want another Season X B.R.U.T.E. situation to unfold in Season 3.

If you weren’t around during Season X, the B.R.U.T.E. was a giant mech that terrorized Fortnite for an entire season. The feature was incredibly overpowered and made Season X one to forget for many players, with some even suggesting they were killing the game. Epic Games heard the complaints all season long but only made minor adjustments to the mech, even slightly buffing it at one point.

While the sharks don’t appear to be capable of wreaking as much havoc as the B.R.U.T.E., Epic Games should get ahead of this before it gets worse. Even a small adjustment in the next update would show the player base that the developers are aware of the sharks’ strength. This would reassure players that another mech situation is not about to unfold.



Images via Epic Games

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