We’re not sure about the GTA 6 pre-order leaks

We’re not sure about the GTA 6 pre-order leaks
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Megan Cooke


24th Nov 2023 21:39

Rumours have spread online regarding when GTA 6 pre-orders will go live after one person reportedly received confirmation of a date from the popular retailer Argos.

While there is a chance this is accurate, many people are urging those excited for the next instalment in the GTA franchise to take news with a pinch of salt over the next few weeks as a lot of misinformation is likely to circulate.

A date for GTA 6 preorders has reportedly been leaked

A supposed date for preorders of GTA 6 to go live has appeared online, reportedly shared by an employee at Argos.

A fan of the franchise was reportedly told by the employee Allan that preorders would go live on 12 December 2023 for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

This is not entirely unlikely, as there is a good chance preorders will become available as soon as an announcement is made, however some elements of the rumour have people questioning whether it is true or not.

People are questioning whether this leaked date can be trusted

In a thread discussing the leak, Rockstar Universe reached out to Argos on their own to ask them to confirm the information shared.

Instead, they were told that no date has been released at this time.

Rockstar Universe wrote: “There is an image circling Twitter/X in relation to an Argos Support conversation stating GTA6 will be available for Pre-Order on Dec 12th, 2023.

“We have reached out to Argos to clarify this, to which they do not have a date for pre-orders or release.

“They have stated though that once a date is officially announced by @RockstarGames, Pre-Orders will be available.”

They ended their tweet with a warning to GTA fans that “there will be lots of fake information posted online in the coming days/weeks, so take them as a pinch of salt.”

Rockstar Universe’s tweet is accompanied by a screenshot from another Argos support worker who clarified that the date for preorders has not yet been announced.

This means that it is unlikely that an employee would be able to share this information with the initial twitter user, and if it is true there was probably miscommunication regarding whether the information could be shared internally.

We will have to wait and see whether or not this leak turns out to be true, however regardless it is a good reminder to take anything not confirmed by Rockstar with a grain of salt.

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