GTA V’s Michael actor defends Rockstar after livestream swatting

GTA V’s Michael actor defends Rockstar after livestream swatting
Rockstar Games | Twitter - Ned Luke

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Joseph Kime


24th Nov 2023 11:55

Swatting is a sadly common occurrence in the world of streaming, and it seems to be becoming all the more frequent as time goes by.

The act of fans calling the police to claim that streamers (who are live at the time) are actively committing some pretty heinous crimes that demand a hefty police rollout is recognisable to those in the upper echelons of streaming culture. It's not nearly punished enough when it comes to those who are performing the act.

We've recently seen the divisive IShowSpeed swatted live on stream, but now, one iconic voice actor has suffered a swatting himself. Even the Grand Theft Auto series isn't safe from swatting.

Ned Luke is swatted live on GTA livestream

As pointed out by content creator Tylarious on Twitter, Ned Luke has sadly suffered a swatting while he's live on stream, playing GTA Online. In the decade since he first played Michael De Santa, Luke has become synonymous with the role and made the most of his gaming fame. 

The video shows Luke as he scrolls through the GTA Online leaderboard, receiving a phone call. He seems immediately distressed as he stands up from his desk before approaching the news with a little sarcasm.

"Oh, nice, nice, nice," he starts when addressing his audience. "Alright, I gotta go, now these a**holes have swatted my house, so I've gotta go.

Even though it's a shame that Ned Luke had to deal with the police response, he's leapt to the defence of Rockstar Games before fans find another excuse to put the gaming developer in their crosshairs. 

Ned Luke defends Rockstar Games over swatting

Some are outraged by Rockstar's apparent failure to keep its voice actor's details safe from modders when GTA V first leaked, claiming it has caused the swatting. Luke himself has defended the company, claiming that the swatting probably would have happened anyway.

It’s a shock that Luke has had to defend Rockstar, especially at a time when he'd probably be pretty shaken up by the ordeal. With rumours that Luke could be reprising his role for GTA 6, we're not surprised he's keeping Rockstar on his good side. He's right, though - the swatting-obsessed fans would probably find a way regardless.

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