‘Trust me bro’ claims GTA IV remaster is coming before GTA 6

‘Trust me bro’ claims GTA IV remaster is coming before GTA 6
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16th Nov 2023 14:46

We're finally on the cusp of a new dawn for the Grand Theft Auto universe, with Rockstar Games confirming the long-awaited GTA 6 trailer is just around the corner. Whether it reveals that elusive GTA 6 release date remains to be seen, but either way, we're expecting it'll be a while until we jump into the next automotive adventure.

We've already waited over a decade for GTA 6, so what's a bit loonger between friends? For those who are settling in for another lengthy wait and are sick of Rockstar's stalling tactics, there could be good news in the form of a surprise remaster to fill the gap. Yes, those GTA IV remaster rumours are back...again.

The GTA IV remaster rumour is back

Let's be honest, this isn't the first time we've heard about a GTA IV remaster. Once upon a time, it was rumoured to be in the works, with others claiming a full-blown Red Dead Redemption remaster was also on the way. The latter never came to be, and instead, we got the last-gen and Switch ports of Red Dead.

Posting on Twitter, @JeffPulaski claims Rockstar could gift us a GTA IV remaster before we get GTA 6. This is something of a double-edged sword because, as much as we'd like to return to Liberty City, there are sure to be those moaning that Rockstar has placed some effort on a remaster instead of getting GTA 6 out of the garage.

Pulaski says the GTA 4 remaster is going to be more of an enhanced port than a full-blown remake, so don't expect a Resident Evil 4-style turnaround. He also isn't sure whether it will release in 2023, but with a matter of weeks left in the year, we don't see that one happening.

Elsewhere, the GTA IV remaster will apparently include Liberty City Stories but will skip multiplayer. We'd err on the side of caution, as Pulaski's claim is little more than a "Trust me bro." We know all gaming leaks are this, but as the OP seems unsure themselves, we'll take this one with a small mountain of salt. 

GTA IV remaster points to another GTA 6 rumour 

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If (and it's a big if) a GTA IV remaster is coming, it would line up with some pretty major GTA 6 rumours. Even though we've pretty much accepted that the next game will be heading back to Vice City, a recurring whisper is that multiple cities will be featured. This has led to hopes that we could see the likes of Liberty City return.

2008's GTA IV is held as one of the series' best, and what better way to remind us how much we love Liberty City in GTA 6 than by giving us a remaster? Still, the idea that the title would be a spruced-up game akin to the 2023 Red Dead revamp is a little disappointing. 

We last heard that a potential GTA IV remaster had been canned after the disappointment of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy. Rockstar, and fans, have been burned before, and while Rockstar's 25th anniversary would be the perfect time to announce a return to Liberty City, we'll have to wait and see what December 1 holds.  

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