The locations for the new Warzone map coming in Black Ops Cold war have been leaked

12:03, 21 Jul 2020

Over 60 million players have dropped into Verdansk since Warzone was added to Modern Warfare, but we will soon see players dropping into new locations on a new map.

Coinciding with the release of Black Ops Cold War later this year, Warzone will continue through Treyarch's instalment, with a new map to include the multiplayer maps and the Cold War.

According to dataminers who are accessing the files in the 'Red Door' game which can be found on the Xbox and Playstation stores, the locations for the new Warzone map have been leaked. 

Dataminers working alongside COD Tracker found these leaked Warzone locations for Black Ops Cold War:

  • Battery
  • Chemical Lab
  • Duga (Radar Station)
  • Forest
  • Goldova
  • Lake
  • Mines
  • Ruka (City)
  • Russia
  • Sanatorium
  • Ski Slopes
  • Swamp
  • Weather Station
  • Zoo

These locations open up endless possibilities for Warzone in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and indicate that there may be interesting components to the gameplay, such as chemical warfare and even watered locations such as Swamp. Water featured in Blackout allowing players to use boats for transportation, which could find it's way back now Treyarch is in control.


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