Warzone fans accuse Las Almas map of stealing iconic Fortnite POI

Warzone fans accuse Las Almas map of stealing iconic Fortnite POI

Written by 

Jack Marsh


19th Sep 2023 11:30

The era of Las Almas is almost upon us. It's not yet sure whether the new Warzone map will come in to replace Al Mazrah or complement it in a wider map pool akin to the Resurgence playlist, but either way, it's definitely appearing on the radar now.

With Modern Warfare 3's beta coming in a matter of weeks, the next dawn of the Call of Duty lifecycle is on the horizon, and with it will come the much-discussed Warzone Las Almas map in Season 1.

But as new teasers emerge for Las Almas, fans have noticed that there is one section of the map that appears to have been ripped straight out of the notebook of another battle royale.

New Las Almas teasers emerge for Warzone

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The Las Almas Warzone map has been a long time in development, so much so that its map featured in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, which aired nearly a year ago.

But a fresh batch of teasers has now confirmed that the original map we were given is true.

The most recent teasers from the mouth of Call of Duty themselves show off what is set to be the Outbreak map (for the Zombies and DMZ crossover mode), which we also know to be the same location as Warzone will take place on.

Here, the map shows a zoomed-in version of what players found in the Campaign, with the same layout and one similar-looking POI, which also looks a little bit suspect.

Fans accuse Warzone's new map of stealing Fortnite's Loot Lake

In the south-east of the new teaser, it appears that there is one secluded island on the map, surrounded by water, where the only access will be via swimming, landing directly, or boat.

Fans were quick to compare this to Loot Lake though, the iconic Fortnite POI which sat just underneath Tilted Towers and proved to be quite the medley of action and a good foothold for end-game positioning.

On the original map found in MW2, this same island can be seen in a more centralised position, almost akin to where Loot Lake lay in Fortnite.

Dissimilarly to Fortnite though, the Las Almas lake will also feature rivers coming in from both the east and west, dividing the north and south of the map completely, aside from a handful of bridges, which might prove to be quite the obstruction when teams need to rotate through the centre of the map.

More of the Warzone map will feature at CoD Next on October 5, where Zombies will feature, showcasing the Las Almas map in its undead state.

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