How to watch MW3 CoD NEXT: Date, time & what to expect

How to watch MW3 CoD NEXT: Date, time & what to expect
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23rd Aug 2023 11:24


Knowing how to watch MW3 CoD NEXT is essential for any Call of Duty fan looking to keep track of all the new features coming with the upcoming title.

While we know that MW3 will launch with remastered MW2 (2009) maps and slide cancelling, there's still a lot more information the devs are holding back.

So, here's exactly how to watch MW3 CoD NEXT, including the date & time of the event, where you can watch it, and what to expect at CoD NEXT 2023.

MW3 CoD NEXT event date & time

MW3's CoD NEXT event will take place on October 5, 2023, and will give Call of Duty players a deeper dive into everything Modern Warfare 3.

In terms of a specific time for the event, Activision still hasn't announced that just yet, but has made clear that "More intel on Call of Duty: Next will be shared in the coming weeks."

Where to watch MW3 CoD NEXT event

MW3 Call of Duty
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MW3's CoD NEXT event will be available to watch live on October 5 on either Call of Duty's official Twitch or YouTube channel.

Simply head to one of these pages on the date and you'll be able to tune into the stream live. If you're too busy on October 5, Call of Duty will likely upload the event to their YouTube page afterwards, so you can check it out there on catchup.

What to expect in MW3 CoD NEXT event

MW3 Warzone 2
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While details around the CoD NEXT event a limited at the moment, we can certainly expect a huge amount of information about MW3 multiplayer and the campaign. We're likely going to see a huge amount of gameplay, given the beta begins the day after the event concludes.

Not only that, CoD NEXT will bring news on the future of Warzone 2 and CoD Mobile, so they'll be something for everyone at the event.

So, there you have it, that's exactly how to watch the MW3 CoD NEXT event on October 5, 2023. Make sure to mark down the date in your calendar, especially if you want to full rundown on MW3 ahead of launch.

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