Warzone 2's Las Almas Map Is Hidden In Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2's Las Almas Map Is Hidden In Modern Warfare 2
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Jack Marsh


4th Nov 2022 11:33

Al Mazrah is almost ready to play host to hundreds of thousands of battle royale fanatics, as Warzone 2 launches in two weeks. But the map has already come under pressure, with the developers not planning on releasing any other battleground until at least mid-2023.

The onus is on Al Mazrah to capture the imagination of fans worldwide and to try to avoid the same fatal end that Caldera faced with the Vanguard integration. However, more maps are on the way in the future, and it appears that we've already seen one, which has been under our noses the whole time.

Las Almas Warzone 2 Map Easter Egg Found In MW2

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Mercado Las Almas is a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map that sits within the Mexican city where we see much of the campaign played, especially when battling the arousing heroine from the Cartel while operating as Task Force 141's newest poster boy Alejandro Vargas.

Now, it appears Las Almas is also going to have a much bigger role to play in the Call of Duty landscape, with the second large-scale Warzone 2 map being centred around this location. Eagle-eyed fans have now also found what appears to be the entire blueprint for the Las Almas Warzone 2 map.

According to Insider Gaming, the rumoured Las Almas Warzone 2 map appears in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign mission El Sin Nombre.

What Is The Las Almas Warzone 2 Map?

The Las Almas Warzone 2 map could be exactly like how Al Mazrah also features Al Bagra Fortress (another multiplayer map), where landscapes in Modern Warfare 2 are pieced together and adapted to suit a battle royale.

With Las Almas being known for its tight-knit lanes in both multiplayer and the campaign missions, this heavily-Mexican-inspired design would then make the map play quite akin to the Fortune's Keep resurgence map.

Another option could be that the Las Almas map is also something that we could see in the DMZ mode, although it's likely that the Ground War maps would be better suited.

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