Shotzzy promises MW3 will bring Warzone back to its 2019 ‘prime’

Shotzzy promises MW3 will bring Warzone back to its 2019 ‘prime’
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15th Sep 2023 16:55

We're all waiting for the moment that Warzone enters that Fortnite arc and begins its second boom wave.

The 2019 battle royale was by far the most fun we've had in Call of Duty for over a decade, maybe since Black Ops 1 zombies nights or the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer days.

Although these days are now in the past, and were buffed by a social and economic lockdown, Warzone could now be about to bounce back, as Call of Duty professional Antony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro has claimed the Modern Warfare 3 integration will put the game back in its "prime".

Shotzzy promises a new era of Warzone

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While we already know a lot about Modern Warfare 3, there has only been a few snippets of information on what the next iteration of Warzone has to offer.

But with a suspected Las Almas map on the way, and an exemplary buff in character smoothness in motion (including slide cancelling), the king of movement himself has now claimed that Warzone is heading back to its prime days.

Speaking on an OpTic podcast, Shotzzy said, "I do feel like Warzone is going to be back though. It's literally like 2019 Warzone. That’s literally how it’s going to be." It's good news for those who think the battle royale's glory days are behind it and it's lost its way selling Tomb Raider crossover skins.

Shotzzy claims Warzone will be 'back'

Despite having eyes on getting OpTic their first World Championship ring in the CDL era, Shottzy has claimed that Warzone will be pulling him away from Modern Warfare 3, at least until Ranked comes out.

The phenom admitted that Warzone looks so good that he will be ditching MW3 to join Seth "Scump" Abner on the BR after scrims. Warzone's Modern Warfare 3 integration should be set for November 2023, following the release of Season 1. Is this the lifeline Warzone needs? Here's hoping. 

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