Sleeper AR is 'top-tier' & dominates on Warzone's Rebirth Island

Sleeper AR is 'top-tier' & dominates on Warzone's Rebirth Island
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Alex Garton


17th Apr 2024 16:50

While classic Battle Royale will always be Warzone's bread and butter, the popularity of Resurgence has skyrocketed thanks to Rebirth Island.

As a result, the community is looking for loadouts that thrive in this chaotic environment where there are gunfights around every corner, and enemies constantly diving down from the skies.

The standard meta options, such as the SVA 545, Pulemyot 762, and Bruen MK9, are solid, but WhosImmortal believes there's an underrated option that should be on your loadout list.

This "sleeper" AR is an old-school gun that's been largely forgotten but actually has a "top-tier" TTK, which makes it brilliant in Resurgence.

Underused Kastov 545 is a powerhouse in Warzone's Rebirth Island


  • Barrel: IG-K30 406mm
  • Muzzle: CASUS Brake
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag
  • Optic: Eagleseye 2.5x Optic

The Kastov 545 may be an OG pick, but in Season 3, it's proving to be an underrated Assault Rifle that's capable of wiping the floor with enemies on Rebirth Island.

Breaking down the stats, WhosImmortal has revealed the 545 has a 666ms TTK up to 15m, meaning it outclasses the BP50, SVA 545, and Holger 556 at close quarters. This is significant in Resurgence, where you can pop round a corner and suddenly run into a foe out of nowhere.

If that wasn't enough, its time-to-kill remains competitive across the mid-range with all the meta options, as well as the gun having solid stability for landing those crucial headshots.

This is perfect for anyone who loves a hidden gem and just wants a classic rifle to solo carry their games, especially if your long-term goal is acquiring a Nuke.

How popular is the Kastov 545 in Warzone?

Kastov 545 WZ
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As a Modern Warfare 2 weapon that was carried over to MW3, the Kastov 545 doesn't exactly shine in the popularity department. According to WZStats, the weapon has a 0.8% pick rate, which is respectable but pales in comparison to the meta options.

It's worth noting that this is the second most popular MW2 gun in the game, only sitting behind the STB 556. So, if you're craving a blast from the past and need a new AR to freshen up your gameplay, the Kastov 545 is a premium choice.

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