Warzone finally gets its first Urzikstan map update

Warzone finally gets its first Urzikstan map update
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Jack Marsh


22nd May 2024 09:15

Remember when Verdansk would get changed almost bi-monthly? The Stadium opening, the bunkers being added, and the divot on the airport runway. What a great time it was to be a Call of Duty fan. 

Nowadays, the Warzone live service model is all about skins and cash, as Al Mazrah faced almost no support, and Urzikstan is approaching six months without a slither of an alteration.

But finally, finally(!!), Urzikstan is getting some love, as Season 4 will make the first changes to the map since its Modern Warfare 3 integration.

Urzikstan gets major map update as underground bunkers set to open

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Much like in Verdansk's glory days, Urzikstan has bunkers dotted around the map which have previously been locked. But mid-way through Season 4, these hatches will become accessible, allowing for new ways to obtain high-tier loot. Not all of the bunkers will be active, and key cards will be required before you head to grab your loot.

For those experiencing any post-Verdansk stress disorder about being stuck in a one-way-in, one-way-out underground facility while teams aim RPGs at the front door, fear not. These bunkers will have multiple exit routes, where you can slither in and out unnoticed.

Four new Gulag variants land in Urzikstan

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The Gulag remains one of the most important parts of the map, and Season 4 will flip the script yet again. From launch, Season 4 will remove all of the existing Gulag layouts and replace them with four fresh ones.

Named "S, 2, 3, and 8" respectively, these new layouts will be much more like the first-ever Gualg showers layouts, with simplistic designs to force engagements while allowing for a lot of cover to slip behind and spark a flank.

More importantly, they're all lights on, and the night vision goggles will remain a thing of the past. The changes will hopefully be the start of many adaptations to Urzikstan, which is desperate for some love after being left behind for Resurgence.

Jack Marsh
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