Warzone 2 Exploit Lets You Fly On Ashika Island

Warzone 2 Exploit Lets You Fly On Ashika Island
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Jack Marsh


22nd Feb 2023 17:42

Ashika Island has been quite the hit with Warzone 2 fans so far, offering plenty of variety for all types of player.

Whether you want to get right in the mix and dominate within the Castle walls or prefer flopping around the map to complete the "feed the seal" Easter Egg, the revamped battle royale map has not disappointed.

Now though, it appears a game-breaking glitch has been found, which is allowing players to fly (or "surf") around the map and nose-dive onto players who are none the wiser.

New Warzone Exploit Is Letting Players Fly Around Ashika Island

Found by Twitter user "exenny_", a new Warzone 2 flying glitch has been found. As the clip shows, players can surf through the air and even bounce off trees or castle walls at break-neck speed to zoom across the map. 

Other clips seemingly showing the same glitch have also surfaced, with some looking through the eye of a Bomb Drone. It's proving to be as equally hilarious as it is worrying that such a game-breaking exploit has been found.

The Warzone 2 flying glitch differs from the hack that saw flying motorbikes in the original Warzone, with this one being done by sliding and parachuting at the right time while operating on Ashika Island.

New 'Surfing' Glitch Is Making Players Avoid Warzone 2

The glitch is so bad that many of the part-time Call of Duty players are refusing to get back into Warzone 2 until it's patched.

"Stopped playing for a few years and now I can't even comprehend what I'm witnessing before my very eyes," said one fan when Jake Lucky shared a clip on Twitter.

Another added, "I don't even try to compete with gamer kids nowadays. I was pretty good back in the early 00s, but this is just ridiculous." A third simply said, "I'm so glad that I’ve dropped cod 2 years ago."

We've seen some weird and wonderful Warzone 2 glitches in the short time the game has shot its way to the top of the charts. But alongside killer trains and a Mario Kart-inspired Rainbow Road, we'll admit sky surfing is a new one for the battle royale behemoth. 

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