Ashika Island's ‘Feed The Seal’ Easter Egg Has Been Cracked

Ashika Island's ‘Feed The Seal’ Easter Egg Has  Been Cracked
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Jack Marsh


17th Feb 2023 17:30

Ashika Island hoped to reignite the fire inside the curious minds of the Call of Duty community, as a string of Easter eggs were promised to fans of the battle royale genre.

Easter eggs have become synonymous within the CoD community, but especially within the Zombies fan base. Treyarch was a master of weaving secret side missions into the everyday game modes.

Now, High Moon Studios has taken a leaf out of its fellow CoD studio's playbook and started embedding the puzzling antics into their new Warzone 2 map, Ashika Island.

The First Ashika Island Easter Egg Has Been Solved

After giving players the first clue to one of many Easter eggs expected to be found within the map, players have been aimlessly "throwing grenades into the water," as directed by High Moon Studio's Creative Director Matt Krystek.

However, players have now figured out exactly what is meant by this and have solved the Easter egg in less that 48 hours.

Popular Call of Duty content creator Tom "Geekypastimes" Souter has cracked the code, which starts with a fishing trip and ends with a hungry seal throwing up Precision Airstrikes.

Ashika Island 'Feed The Seal' Easter Egg Is Brilliant

The Easter egg involves taking explosive equipment like grenades, semtex, or C4, and locating schools of fish in any of the bodies of water located on or around Ashika Island. 

Then, you will need to go "fishing" and throw your explosive into the water to cook the fish. In turn, it'll allow you to harvest them.

Once you've gathered your fish, there's a hungry seal located outside of the Aquarium POI which awaits a feed. Once approached, there will be a "feed the seal" interaction.

The barking sea mammal will then spit out other explosives, ranging from Claymores to Killstreaks like Precision Airstrikes.

Even though the "feed the seal" Easter egg is just a bit of fun, you can actually get some good rewards from it, and it breeds well for whatever High Moon has planned in the future.

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