Crazy Warzone Glitch Turns Al Mazrah Into Mario’s Rainbow Road

Crazy Warzone Glitch Turns Al Mazrah Into Mario’s Rainbow Road
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Jack Marsh


16th Jan 2023 16:24

With the addition of quad bikes, big berthas, choppers, and other vehicles in Warzone, its quite common that we stretch our competitive instincts and buggy-race around Al Mazrah.

Even in Verdansk, players scooted off to the far corner of the map to see who was the Lewis Hamilton of Call of Duty. Well, the dirt tracks of Al Mazrah had nothing on the real thing. Until now...

What do we mean? The true beginning of buggy racing starts with Mario Kart, and now, Activision has brought over Nintendo's hardest course to Warzone. Are you ready for a whole new Rainbow Road?

Warzone 2 Glitch Brings Mario’s Rainbow Road Al Mazrah 

CoD's relationship with the psychedelics is a weird one, they like to come around when its time for a $20 bundle - a bit like those cousins who only come to the Christmas buffet when they know there's a prime turkey on offer, but won't be seen for the rest of the year. 

Yet the colourful and vibrant patterns have now landed in Al Mazrah in the most bizarre circumstances. Rather than populating on players' guns, the psych trip has been glitched onto the floor and buildings to make Warzone's very own Rainbow Road.

Reddit user u/jamcowl" found the glitch on their most recent outing in Al Mazrah, where the roads illuminated fluorescent colours akin to that in Rainbow Road.

Visual Glitches Serve As Banana Slips In Warzone

The founder of the glitch also noted that they have been experiencing a range of visual bugs lately too, including vanishing water. This includes sea and rivers, leaving muddy ditches that you hover across, invisible buildings and walls, and "building textures stretching into the sky to create horrifying megastructures.

The Rainbow Road glitch seems to be the favourite, though. Who wouldn't want to grab a quad bike and go whizzing up the pipeline like you're back in the Nintendo DS era?

Doubtless, we'd probably fall off just as many times as we did in Rainbow Road (none because we've mastered it!). If only you could blue-shell the entire collection of hackers and cheaters too.

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