Warzone Train Glitch is Randomly Killing Players

Warzone Train Glitch is Randomly Killing Players
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Jack Marsh


12th Jan 2023 13:41

Remember that mobile game Dumb Ways To Die? "There are a million dumb ways to die, dumb ways to die-ie-ie, there are a million dumb ways to die".

Sorry, we fell down a memory hole there. But yes, that's practically what Call of Duty: Warzone is nowadays, just a death simulator where the best form of content is being mutilated by glitches.

Whether it be by Heavy Choppers flying through buildings and using their razor-sharp propellers to turn everyone into mush, smaller helicopters incinerating players with spontaneous combustion, or being gassed in the safe-ish haven you thought was the Gulag, there's just no escaping dumb deaths.

Now, the dumbest of the lot has appeared. The master boss of Dumb Ways To Die reincarnated. Players are being transported underneath moving trains with a one-way express ticket to the Gulag. 

Warzone Players Are Being Randomly Run Over By Trains

One Reddit user named "xPureHavoc" posted a clip of a Warzone train glitch that has completely ruined their game as is one you should be looking out for, too.

The user was riding the train on Warzone 2's Al Mazrah, although the train feature has been in Warzone for years. However, when they tried to mantle through the cart and onto the roof, they were instead pushed through the floor.

To no surprise, the glitch turned them into roadkill. After originally being knocked, the OP was eliminated from Al Mazrah thanks to the Warzone train glitch. 

Deadly Warzone Bugs Are Getting Out Of Had

After the train-drive-by murder, one fan joked that "We need a mega thread of all the bugs in the game. It will be a sight to behold." Considering there appears to be one or two of these dodgy deaths every week, there would likely be enough to fill a catalogue.

Thankfully for this gamer, the Warzone train glitch might not have completely ruined their game, considering it was just one person gulagged, and their teammates had enough cash to revive them.

Nevertheless, it's not how you want to be spending your evenings, and the developers have a lot of these fixes to get through before the Season 2 update arrives.

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