The OG Far Cry Is Getting A Sequel

The OG Far Cry Is Getting A Sequel
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28th Apr 2022 08:56

From the adventures of one brutal mercenary to a globe-trotting bonanza, the Far Cry franchise has enjoyed wonderful successes. The third entry undoubtedly saw the series' cultural peak, bringing Vaas to the world as one of video games' most iconic villains, and moving through the prehistoric era and the neon-drenched '80s ideals of action movies from there has only served Far Cry well. 

Far Cry 6 garnered its own controversy, but in many ways, it helped - and the games continue to see a lot of success. But, the series owes itself to the game that started it all - and luckily, fans of the original Far Cry have something new to look forward to.

Far Cry Is Getting A Sequel (Unofficially)

The OG Far Cry Is Getting A Sequel
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Fans of the original Far Cry game have banded together and started work on an unofficial sequel to the OG title. One modder has been working on Far Cry Returns - a conversion mod of the game that introduces all-new mechanics, animations, and a brand new story to make it feel like a true successor to the FPS classic.

The creator of the mod, Leonj_, has hinted that the game will be coming with all-new locations too, and that the project will include a takedown mechanic to make those stealth kills that little bit more satisfying. It might be unofficial, but it looks fantastic.

Far Cry Returns Gets A Gameplay Reveal

A new video shared on YouTube shows off some gameplay of the ambitious mod, and frankly, it looks exactly like the original game, in the best way.

The video shares a peek at the game's gunplay, animations and lighting, and is set across a series of small islands. The mod looks beautiful, and though there's no word on when it could be arriving with us, we're still excited to see what the final product looks like. Far Cry fans, you're in for a treat.

All these years later, Far Cry is still a goliath of the gaming industry. Up there with Assassin's Creed, it's one of Ubisoft's big hitters. There are high hopes for Fary Cry 7, and while it sounds like it's a long way off, at least we should have Far Cry Returns to keep us busy. Welcome back, Jack. 


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