Far Cry multiplayer spin-off tipped to be extraction shooter

Far Cry multiplayer spin-off tipped to be extraction shooter
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Joseph Kime


23rd Oct 2023 15:00

It's a shame to say, but Far Cry hasn't been on its best legs in recent years. When you think of Ubosft's long-running series, it'd be fair for you to default to the soaring heights of Far Cry 3 & 4, but it's come some way since then.

Although modern Far Cry seems to dedicate itself pretty firmly to its classic formula of truly detestable baddies and open-world bonanzas, fans have simply lost interest over time. It looks like a rumoured Far Cry multiplayer spin-off could change things up - but it might not be for everyone.

Leak claims that Far Cry is becoming an extraction-shooter

Far Cry 6's skyline.
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A new leak indicates that an upcoming Far Cry spin-off is being designed for multiplayer and will take a brand-new approach, although it's not new to Ubisoft at all. Insider Gaming has claimed that the next full Far Cry game is being developed alongside an extraction-based multiplayer shooter set in the same universe.

If these leaks are to be believed, the Far Cry multiplayer will echo many other Ubisoft franchises like Rainbow Six. Insider Gaming has previously given an info dump on Far Cry 7, and while there's still no evidence aside from "sources have told us," consider our interest piqued. 

The Far Cry multiplayer game is reportedly set in a fictional area in Alaska called Alashnica, and you'll play as a character lured into the area by promises of freedom before realising that what truly awaits them is carnage, with people being entirely unable to trust one another.

The new Far Cry game features permadeath

The player character leaping out of the ocean, machete in hand, in Far Cry 3.
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The Far Cry multiplayer is apparently codenamed Project Maverick and is a game that asks players to collect resources by hunting and looting. Interestingly, the series is supposedly embracing a permadeath structure for the first time, which means that when you've been killed, that's it - it's over for you.

Of course, these claims are still mere rumours, so take it with a pinch of salt - but it's a curious implication. If we are going down the multiplayer extraction route, it seems that Ubisoft is sticking to what it knows best. Still, there are worries it runs the risk of stripping Far Cry of its identity in the process.

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