Far Cry 7 And Spin-Off Reportedly In Development

Far Cry 7 And Spin-Off Reportedly In Development
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27th Jan 2023 09:38

Well, Far Cry 6 certainly came and went. There's little to complain about when it comes to the latest addition to the wild action-adventure series, but even with Giancarlo Esposito at the helm as the title's big bad, the game struggled to stand out.

As a result, the latest entry faded away and was forgotten by many. The Far Cry series remains an important one in the industry, priding itself on its chaotic villains, with Far 3's Vaas standing as one of the greatest.

There's no doubt that there's plenty left in the tank for the series when it comes to baddies, but we might be waiting for some time before we see the next come along. But, that doesn't mean it won't happen.

Far Cry 7 Is Reportedly In The Works - With Far Cry Multiplayer

Far Cry 7 And Multiplayer Spin-Off Reportedly In Development
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It looks like the end isn't here for the series just yet, as new reports from leakers indicate that Far Cry 7 is being drawn up. Alongside a direct sequel to the last game, a new multiplayer spin-off could be in the works.

According to Tom Henderson, reporting via Insider Gaming, sources have revealed that both games are in development, with the multiplayer spin-off now becoming its own project after first being intended to be bolted on to the sequel.

Internally, the games are known as Project Blackbird and Project Maverick, and are thought to be getting extensive development from Ubisoft Montreal.

Henderson is a little all over the shop when it comes to leaking games, so whether you want to believe the report is up to you - but it's hard to deny how exciting the games would be.

The New Far Cry Games Could Be Set In Alaska

According to the report, it looks as though the mainline sequel could be planned to be set in the Alaskan wilderness. As a result, the same setting could appear in the multiplayer title because they were both initially the same game.

It'd be an interesting new setting for the franchise, especially as a Far Cry adventure out of the beating sun would make for some new mechanics and tactics. If Ubisoft is lucky, the map (potentially set across both games) could become iconic.

It looks as though Far Cry isn't quite done yet despite its disappointments - and frankly, it's hard to be surprised. Whenever these games launch, we'll be ready.

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