Ubisoft Just Confirmed A Massive Far Cry Theory

Ubisoft Just Confirmed A Massive Far Cry Theory

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Tom Chapman


5th Oct 2021 10:08

More often than not, video game theories turn out to be just a load of nonsense. The likes of Majora's Mask representing the five stages of grief, The Last of Us being set in a dystopian Uncharted future, and Professor Oak being Ash Ketchum's father are all popular (if unproven) ones. Every so often though, one is on the money.

Ubisoft is gearing up for the release of Far Cry 6, and while there are plenty of rumours surrounding Dani Rojas and El President Anton Castillo, the developer has shocked us all by confirming a long-held theory from years ago. For this one, Ubisoft is going all the way back to Far Cry 2 from 2008.

What is the Far Cry theory?

Eagle-eyed players have noticed some similarities between the OG's Jack Carver and Far Cry 2's villainous "Jackal". It's led to plenty of speculation that they're the same person, and now, Ubisoft has made it fact. Talking to IGN as part of the Inside Stories feature, Far Cry 2's Creative Director Clint Hocking said, "The Jackal is actually supposed to be Jack Carver from the original Far Cry".

Heading back to 2004, Carver was an ex-Special Forces member, Jack Carver. Although he was the protagonist of the first game and the Far Cry Instincts spin-off, some thought Carver's sometimes questionable morals meant he'd evolve into the Jackal.

Discussing this jaw-dropping twist, Hocking explained, "Jack Carver in the original Far Cry was this shifty, smuggler, gun runner kind of crook. The idea was [the Jackal] is just him, 10 years later or something". Explaining what happened to Carver, Hocking speculated, "[It's] after he's seen whatever he saw on this island. Maybe it was drug-induced, maybe it's post-traumatic stress disorder, or maybe it's real. But the idea is, a decade later, he has levelled up his smuggling game, and he's gotten embroiled in this conflict."

The theory picked up steam when a more rugged version of Carver appeared in Instincts. It didn't take theorists long to pick up on the fact that the Jackal's U.S. Navy background was similar to Carver's. The pair both shared an illegal arms trading operation, while the box given to Carver at the end of Instincts was thought to contain conflict diamonds - which became a major part of Far Cry 2's arc.  For once, we were right.

Are there more Far Cry theories?

More often than not, Far Cry has a one and done approach. Over the years, the various protagonists and villains have had their respective games and then bowed out. If Carver was the Jackal all along, it gives hope to some other wild and wonderful Far Cry theories. 

Even though it's been repeatedly debunked, players can't seem to get a certain Far Cry 6 theory out of their head. Namely, some are obsessed with the idea that Diego is a young version of Far Cry 3's Vaas Montenegro. As one of the best video game villains of all time, Michael Mando's portrayal of the unhinged drug trafficker has made him a legend in his own right.

Only recently, Giancarlo Esposito said it's a nice theory but completely off the grid. Added to this, the Far Cry 6 gameplay has shown a Vaas bobblehead - proving that his age doesn't match up with Diego. Still, there are plenty more theories out there on Yara. Others have suggested protagonist Dani Rojas could be the mother or father of Diego - which would lead to a dramatic final act twist.

Namely, the Carver theory proves that nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to Far Cry. What if Vaas somehow escaped his death at the hands of Jack Brody and has set up shop on Yara? It was a revelation that even Far Cry 3 Lead Writer Jeffrey Yohalem teased years ago. Come on. Give us Vaas, you cowards.


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