Far Cry 6 Has A Rambo Mission… Without Rambo

Far Cry 6 Has A Rambo Mission… Without Rambo
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3rd Feb 2022 10:27

John Rambo is drawing back his explosive bow for the Far Cry franchise. Well, not quite. The fan-favourite action hero is joining the expanding world of Far Cry 6, but weirdly, Ubisoft's latest DLC doesn't technically include the man himself. 

First released last October, Far Cry 6 was the sixth main instalment in the long-running shooter series. This time, we set our sights on the war-torn island of Yara - trying to free its people from the tyrannical reign of Giancarlo Esposito's villainous El Presidente. We've already had DLCs focusing on Far Cry favourites Vaas Montenegro and Pagan Min, but the latest is based on someone very different.

What Is Far Cry 6's Rambo DLC?

The brand-new "All the Blood" mission is part of Far Cry 6's latest big update. Presumably because the character of Rambo recently popped by in Call of Duty: Warzone, we guess the man himself is tied up in all sorts of IP legalities. This means the mission involves you meeting a "Rambo superfan" and helping them take down the Yaran military.

In the first trailer, you get to see the mission in action, with some clever Rambo-esque lines including "You drew first blood" and "we’re not hunting him, he’s hunting us." In this world, it's very much clear that Rambo is a fictional character, thanks to the superfan's room having posters of the Rambo movies.

It's a little disappointing that "All The Blood" doesn't have you crawling through blood-soaked pits of mud with Rambo himself, especially after December's update included two missions with the legendary Danny Trejo.

What Else Is Coming To Far Cry 6?

The updates don't end there, with the Rambo content drop also coming alongside the Title Update 4 and the following:

  • Guerilla Camps – Previously, upgrading a camp while playing in co-op would constantly make popups appear on the other player’s screen. This no longer happens.
  • Ammo pick-up from enemies – A notification has been added to the HUD which tells players when they’re at the maximum ammo and can’t loot any more from enemies.
  • Enemy health bars and icons in vehicles – Enemy markers are now hidden when they’re in a vehicle, to make it easier to differentiate between vehicle health and enemy health.

If you complete the Rambo mission, you'll earn the explosive Vengeance Bow that is capable of downing helicopters. Keen to monetise Far Cry 6, impatient players can pay for the Rambo-themed bundle that includes gear, a weapon, and a vehicle that are all inspired by the movie franchise. While the Rambo superfan looks suspiciously like Sly, it's basically the Aldi equivalent of the guy we love.


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