Far Cry 6 Players Discover Secret Ending

Far Cry 6 Players Discover Secret Ending

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7th Oct 2021 11:51

By now, we're sure you've been enjoying all the political coups, makeshift weapons, and cockfights of Far Cry 6. Ubisoft's latest entry in the long-running Far Cry series has been praised as the best it's been in years, while others have panned it for enforcing caricature stereotypes of Latin American culture. Still, everyone is playing Far Cry 6 now.

As with any modern release, you'll have to rattle through the campaign pretty quickly to avoid spoilers. Even if the war-torn locale of Yara is an expansive hub of jungles and crumbling towns that you can explore at your own leisure, there's still a linear path toward the game's bullet-riddled ending. Now, some have figured out how to unlock Far Cry 6's secret ending. 

Warning: major Far Cry 6 spoilers ahead

How to unlock the Far Cry 6 secret ending?

Ubisoft has started a tradition of allowing players to end a game early. 2014's Far Cry 4 was the first, while 2018's Far Cry 5 let you effectively reach the ending after the introduction. The latest chapter makes you work for it a little more, but still, there's a way to end your trip to Yara abruptly.

Apparently, you can finish your Far Cry 6 run-through after about 90 minutes. To unlock the secret ending, you'll want to reach the devastating moment Julio is killed by Castillo. Players are given the choice to fight for Yara's freedom or escape on a boat to Miami that's provided by Clara. If you pick the latter, Dani says, "It's not my fight" and the screen fades to black.

Picking up a few months later, there's a sombre ending where Dani kicks back on a Miami beach and listens to a bizarre radio report that sounds a lot like Jurassic Park. There's a second story about the conflict in Yara, with confirmation Clara has also died at Castillo's hands. We're left to imagine the despot will continue his tyrannical reign over Yara, but before we get to know more, the final credits roll alongside Gloria Estefan's "Conga". 

What is the main Far Cry 6 ending?

Cutting Far Cry 6 short so early means you'll miss A LOT of the story. If you fight for Yara, things climax in a bloody battle when Dani and their newfound friends storm Esperanza.

With a twist none of us saw coming, Castillo then shoots son Diego - saving him the atrocities he experienced as a child. Keen to avoid his own capture or defeat, Castillo then slits his own throat in one of the most gruesome Far Cry scenes we've ever experienced. 

There's also a great nod to all those Far Cry theories and a certain Vaas Montenegro. Although Diego wasn't a young Vaas, Far Cry 6 is a prequel to Far Cry 3. The game's proper ending rounds off with a corrupt Juan selling Viviro to smugglers. There's a mention of a certain smuggler, which is undoubtedly Vaas. Despite the numbering, Far Cry 6 is a prequel to 2012's beloved entry. 

Whether we'll see more of Vaas remains to be seen. Remember, it was once teased that he survived being stabbed in the chest by Jason Brody. Vaas could also easily return in a Far Cry 6 DLC that fills in the gaps between games, but who knows what Ubisoft has planned? Either way, make sure you play Far Cry 6 through to its true ending.


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