The Mario movie might’ve secretly teased the sequel’s villain

The Mario movie might’ve secretly teased the sequel’s villain
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7th Apr 2023 08:45

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally here, and the internet is going nuts...for more reasons than one. There are those who loved the movie and the chance to see their childhood favourite video games spring to life in such colourful fashion, and there are those who detest the film for "ruining" their childhoods.

Whichever side of the argument you sit on, you must admit that arguing about an Illumination film (the studio that gave us Minions) is pretty lame in the first place. But, there are treats to be had in the Chris Pratt-led outing, and it looks like the franchise won't be ending any time soon.

The Mario Movie has teased its sequel's villain

The Mario movie might’ve secretly teased the sequel’s villain
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The following contains spoilers for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, naturally, keeps Bowser as its core villain for its runtime. It would be a little odd to have anyone else take the reins in the first outing, but as he's slightly incapacitated right now, there's room for one of his underlings to take the throne.

As spotted by, the film features a flashback to Anya Taylor-Joy's Baby Peach arriving in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's noted that Baby Peach looks very similar to her appearance in 2006's Yoshi's Island DS. In that game, Kamek was stealing babies in his search for the Star Children.

It has been theorised that this tidbit could make Mario and Peach's next mission hunting Kamek down as he gets his self-appointed promotion to leader of the Koopa army. In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Kamek was voiced by Mortal Kombat's Kevin Michael Richardson.

This theory ties into The Super Mario Bros. Movie's post-credit scene

If you stuck around for the Mario Movie post-credit scene, of course, there was a cracking egg left in the Brooklyn sewers. It's the infamous egg of Yoshi, and though we saw his species galloping through the Mushroom Kingdom, none were the iconic dino that graces Yoshi's Island DS.

There's every chance this Yoshi could lead the second film to harken back to the DS title and give us a brand-new story with Kamek as the big bad. It's a compelling theory, but a theory is all it is right now. Here's hoping that whatever comes next can please everyone. To be honest, we'd prefer Waluigi.

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