Tears of the Kingdom Bomb Flower farming trick is OP

Tears of the Kingdom Bomb Flower farming trick is OP
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16th Jun 2023 10:55

If you aren't making the most of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's many glitches and exploits, then are you really playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom at all? With the biggest Zelda game in the franchise's 37-year run being a gruelling gauntlet, why make things harder for yourself?

While Tears of the Kingdom launched to a largely bug-free reception in May, its lack of graphical glitches and gremlins led to some altogether more interesting ones beneath the surface. Since then, wannabe Hylians have been using Tears' many exploits to duplicate weapons, farm Rupees, and fly across the map

How to farm Bomb Flowers in Tears of the Kingdom

Thank you very much, sir. I’ll happily be taking those!
by u/One_Adhesiveness_586 in tearsofthekingdom

We previously covered the Tears of the Kingdom glitch bible that collates all of those handy hacks together, but with each update (if you're choosing to download them), culling some of the best, it's up to a loyal band of glitch hunters to find more. Now, someone has found a doozy for farming bombs.

Player u/One_Adhesiveness_586 has found a new Tears of the Kingdom Bomb Flower farming trick, which gives you an infinite supply of those explosive bundles by exploiting Blue Bokoblins. It's a complicated method that requires Autobuild, Majora's Mask, a Homing Cart, and the aforementioned Blue Bokoblin.

To trigger the exploit, you need to beat all the enemies apart from the Blue Bokoblin. The OP advises you to save your game before trying this - exploding Bomb Flowers can lead to a quick death for you or your Bokoblin. Then, use Autobuild to place an upside-down Homing Cart to lure the Blue Bokoblin closer. 

With your bomb-throwing pal distracted, simply nab the Bomb Flowers as they're being thrown at the Homing Cart. As Majora's Mask hides you from certain enemies like the Blue Bokoblin, you can happily sit there and collect all the Bomb Flowers you'd ever need until the charge runs out. 

Tears of the Kingdom players react to Bomb Flower farm

Tears of the Kingdom Beedle
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If you want to know where to pull off the Bomb Flower farm trick, they suggest heading to the East Akkala Plains chasm next to the Sinatanika Shrine. Others were impressed, as one asked, "Damn, how did you even figure that out lol? This is going to be the first thing I do when I eventually find Majora's Mask."

Another cheered, "It's a fantastic exploit that doesn't feel too much like cheating," while a third said, "This is brilliant. As an exploit, it better not get patched lmao." Being able to farm bombs lets you save your Rupees from buying them in Tarrey Town or Gerudo Town.

As the Tears of the Kingdom Bomb Flower farm is just making the most of a Blue Bokoblin's questionable intelligence as an exploit, here's hoping Nintendo doesn't patch it out in the next extinction of glitches. Then again, you just know it will. 

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