Mystery Zelda remake seemingly hinted at for 2023

Mystery Zelda remake seemingly hinted at for 2023
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30th Oct 2023 12:44

Could 2023 finally be the year we set sail with Wind Waker or transform into a wolf with Twilight Princess remakes? Those Zelda remake rumours are back with a vengeance, and yet again, we're preparing ourselves for disappointment. After all, what would the gaming industry be without a little heartache? 

It's been 37 years since Link first tried to unite the Triforce of Wisdom, best Ganondorf, and save Princess Zelda. Zelda remains one of the most innovative franchises out there, and these days, we're building mechs and cooking up a storm in Tears of the Kingdom

Mystery Zelda remake teased for 2023

There have been plenty of Zelda remakes over the years, with everything from Link's Awakening DX to Ocarina of Time 3D giving some classics a facelift. Still, Nintendo hasn't gone down the Capcom/Resident Evil route of churning our remakes - with Skyward Sword HD not kickstarting the trend as we hoped for.

On the GamingLeaksandRumours Reddit, fans noted how industry analyst Doctor Serkan Toto posted a cryptic tweet reading, "Z R 2023." It might seem innocuous, but they noted it mirrors a 2021 tweet that hinted at TotK getting a 2022 release via a Nintendo Direct. This ended up being true (before Nintendo delayed it into 2023). 

We're running out of time in 2023, but as the thread points out, Age of Calamity had a shadow drop reveal and was released just two months later. Throwing fuel on the fire, Toto has deleted both the recent tweet and his 2021 tease, suggesting there could be more to this. 

Don't get too excited for Zelda remakes

Shocked Zelda Wind Waker
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The thread exploded with the typical mix of hype and mockery, pointing out that we've been here a million times before. Especially when it comes to Twilight Princess and Wind Waker remakes, the various rumours and promises have never turned into anything. 

Someone replied, "I’d be surprised tbh. But maybe Nintendo wants a big holiday and Mario RPG, Pokemon DLC and a Zelda remake/remaster is a damn good way to go Into the holidays and the shopping season," while another added, "They could always do it like they did the metroid prime remaster announcement and have it for sale the same day."

Of course, it's not just Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, others called for remakes of everything from the OG Zelda to Oracle of Seasons. We'll park this in the maybe pile, as Nintendo recently said no to remakes. There's no word on an upcoming Direct, but if another is on the way, fingers crossed that we'll see the shining hilt of the Master Sword. 

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