Zelda fans demand Danny DeVito for live-action movie

Zelda fans demand Danny DeVito for live-action movie
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Tom Chapman


13th Nov 2023 16:15

Some fan castings are just so perfect, they have to become a reality. Like John Krasinski playing Mister Fantastic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rosario Dawson as Star Wars' Ahsoka, and Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher, the fans sometimes do a better job than most casting directors.

Although we'd heard a lot about a live-action The Legend of Zelda movie based on Nintendo's popular gaming series, it finally became a reality when Shigeru Miyamoto himself made a low-key announcement on Twitter. The internet is already awash with fan castings, but among the most popular, we're demanding a role for Danny DeVito. 

Zelda fans want Danny DeVito

Few actors are universally as beloved as Danny DeVito, having won us over with roles in everything from Matilda to Hercules, Batman Returns to Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Like there are hopes that DeVito could reprise his role as Philoctetes in the live-action Hercules, we now hope he could pop up in Zelda.

You might remember when we were fooled (well, some of us) by a series of faux live-action Zelda posters for a Netflix adaptation. The fictional cast included Tom Holland and Emma Watson as Link and Zelda, with the frankly inspired fan casting of DeVito as Tingle. Funnily enough, it's an idea that's caught on.

On Twitter, one fan wrote, "It wouldn't be a live action Legend of Zelda unless Danny Devito plays Tingle." Another added, "If nothing else, we edge ever closer to Danny DeVito playing a live-action Tingle," and a third said, "So far the only fan casting post I've seen that I'm 100% on board with is Danny DeVito as Tingle."

Does the Zelda movie have a cast?

While Miyamoto has promised work has been quietly going on behind the scenes for a while, there's no news on who'll be joining the cast. Even if not for the success of Universal's animated The Super Mario Bros. Movie, any form of Zelda adaptation was always destined to be one of Hollywood's hottest tickets.

Euphoria's Hunter Schafer has thrown her hat into the ring to play Zelda, while the odds of Holland playing the heroic Link have just skyrocketed. Others like Timothee Chalamet and Luca's Jacob Tremblay have been thrown around. Let's be honest, though, it will probably be Holland - cue the groans.

The Maze Runner's Wes Ball is working on Zelda for Sony, although we don't know whether it will take its story from a specific game or be an all-encompassing tale. Whoever lands a lucky role, here's hoping there's room for DeVito. Even if Tingle is an annoying creation, we know DeVito could nail it.

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