LEGO Zelda could finally arrive in 2024 according to reliable leaker

LEGO Zelda could finally arrive in 2024 according to reliable leaker
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Megan Cooke


21st Jan 2024 19:57

A reliable leaker has suggested that a Zelda LEGO kit could be on the horizon.

While there have been several LEGO Nintendo kits in the past, and even more gaming related offerings, there has not previously been any Zelda offerings.

A Legend of Zelda LEGO kit could be on the way

Known and trusted LEGO leakers Brickmerge and 1414falconfan have recently shared that a Legend of Zelda LEGO kit could be on the way.

Rumours state that a Great Deku Tree LEGO set will be releasing in September this year

The LEGO set was originally leaked in February last year with early production images included in social media posts.

LEGO responded by issuing copyright strikes against videos including the images, which led many people to believe that the set was actually real.

It seems as though the Legend of Zelda kit is going to be a bit more involved than the majority of game franchise sets we have seen before.

As of the most recent leak, the Great Deku Tree set is expected to have 2500 pieces with the ability to build two different versions of the tree: one with green leaves and one with cherry blossoms.

It seems as though this could also be the first Nintendo set that will include traditional mini figures as opposed to ones with unique features, which have previously been seen in the Animal Crossing and Mario sets.

LEGO has created several unique Nintendo kits with very varied pricing

LEGO is no stranger to creating sets based on video games and Nintendo has been the source of many great LEGO creations.

While there are sets based on specific games like Mario and Animal Crossing, more recent sets have included consoles.

As far as the LEGO Super Mario collaboration goes, sets vary massively in price from £8.99 for small expansion sets like Rambi the Rhino to £229.99 for The Mighty Bowser.

The Animal Crossing collaboration will not be released until March, however the five sets are going to be priced from £12.99 to £64.99.

The Nintendo Entertainment System set is also priced at £229.99.

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Unfortunately, given the scope of the rumoured Great Deku Tree, it would not be surprising to see it priced in the higher range if it is ever released at all.

What I do know for certain is that the minute the set is confirmed is the minute it is added to my wishlist.

Megan Cooke
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