Zelda fans are refusing to update Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda fans are refusing to update Tears of the Kingdom
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31st May 2023 15:25

There's a 'glitch' in the Zelda matrix, as players are refusing to update Tears of the Kingdom for fear all their handy hacks for conquering Hyrule will be banished to the bowels of the castle like a mummified Ganondorf. We're guilty of promoting all those Tears of the Kingdom glitches, and now, Nintendo has got wise.

In an era where we're used to buggy releases and empty games that feel half-finished (we're looking at you, Redfall), Tears of the Kingdom came galloping out of the gate as a largely bug-free experience. Still, there were several helpful glitches that slipped through Nintendo's net. 

Fans refuse to update Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom screenshot showing Beedle
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From fiddling around with fusing things to your arrows and pulling off precision timing, Tears of the Kingdom glitches have evolved to be as simple as pressing two buttons. When it comes to duplicating diamonds to blow the bank, or bomb flowers to win fights easily, some are obsessed with glitching TotK

If you don't have 100,000 Rupees in the bank right now, then are you even playing right? Sadly, Nintendo is patching duplication glitches with every update. As the devs unveil version 1.1.2, those tried and tested glitches are gone, and although more have been found, some are refusing to update to the latest version.

Nintendo Life conducted a poll, asking gamers whether they'll be updating Tears of the Kingdom, if they're sticking with the glitch-friendly version, or whether they forgot to turn automatic updates off. Out of the 11,002 who've voted, 36% said they won't update and have disabled auto-update.

25% said they'd been hit by auto-update, 25% said they did it when prompted, and 13% said they updated of their own accord. There we have it, most of us aren't ready to wave goodbye to our precious glitches just yet.

There's a new Tears of the Kingdom duplication glitch

Responding to glitch fever, one critic fumed, "I don't care how people play, but it is a little strange to me that some spend so much time and effort trying to discover dup glitches. Way more fun, IMO of course, to just play normally (at least most of the story/quests)."

Another added, "While I regret updating in a way, in the long run I know I did the right thing, I do miss easy duplication of things of course but I got enough of what I wanted." With each new glitch, we're sure Nintendo ninjas will be looking to patch it ASAP. 

While the old ways were infinitely more simple, there's a new item duplication glitch in Tears of the Kingdom 1.1.2. This complicated version was highlighted by Kibbles Gaming, (thanks Nintendo Everything) but is a lot harder than previous glitches - also only giving you one extra item.

We won't detail the full process, but it involves fusing an item to a weapon, watching four of the game's 'memories,' and loading a save file. See, if you were on the old version, you'd been duplicating faster than Beedle can buy your wares. 

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