Machine Gun Kelly wants to star in the Zelda movie

Machine Gun Kelly wants to star in the Zelda movie
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15th Nov 2023 15:41

It seems everyone wants a slice of Nintendo's pie, as the upcoming live-action The Legend of Zelda movie could be one of Hollywood's most lucrative gravy trains. Looking at the success of Illumination's The Super Mario Bros. Movie breaking records, it's no surprise anyone and everyone wants to be in the next big video game adaptation. 

While we originally heard Nintendo was planning an animated movie in the vein of Universal's Mario movie, the unbelievable happened thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto confirming The Maze Runner's Wes Ball is working on a full-blown live-action Zelda for Sony. Despite the studio's mixed success with video game movies, we have high hopes. 

Machine Gun Kelly wants to star in the Zelda movie

Thankfully, with a Zelda movie being dreamed about for decades, there have been plenty of fan castings. We're sure you've all seen the mock posters of Tom Holland playing Link, and after starring in Uncharted, we wouldn't be surprised. Then again, it isn't exactly an imaginative choice.

Now, Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" Baker has put himself forward to play the hero of Hyrule. Posting on his Instagram Story (via GamesRadar), the "Bad Things" artist confirmed he'd love to play Link. Posting to his fans and beyond, MGK wrote, "If I don't play Link we have a problem," alongside the announcement article.

While Baker is best known as a rapper and songwriter, he has trodden the boards before. Machine Gun Kelly's acting CV includes Beyond the Lights, Bird Box, and writing/starring in Good Mourning as his own stoner comedy. As well as playing himself in Jackass Forever, none have exactly been Oscar-worthy turns.

As you can imagine, the out-there choice of MGK leading the Zelda movie left a rather angry fandom. One critic grumbled, "I’d rather see Kevin Hart play Link than this dude! LOL!" while another added, "F**K NO bro if MGK is Link…I already f*****g hate him." A third said, "I hope global warming wins before MGK is cast as Link."

Everyone wants to be in The Legend of Zelda

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Of course, MGK isn't alone in wanting to land a lucrative role in The Legend of Zelda. Euphoria's Hunter Schaefer has thrown her hat into the ring to play the titular princess, which has obviously cued outrage from transphobes. Elsewhere, we're leading our own campaign to get Danny DeVito a part

The dearly departed Robin Williams famously named his daughter Zelda due to his love of the series, and you might remember the adorable Nintendo advert with the pair playing Ocarina of Time 3D. If Sony doesn't at least find some role for Zelda Williams, it will be a crying shame. 

With Miyamoto saying, "It will take time until its completion," it suggests that a live-action Zelda movie is still a long way off. We expect it'll be a while before we hear anything about casting, so expect some more obscure castings to crawl out of the woodwork. Sorry, we're not quite sold on MGK. 

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