Tears of the Kingdom 'glitch bible' makes Zelda too easy

Tears of the Kingdom 'glitch bible' makes Zelda too easy
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7th Jun 2023 16:41

Are you ready to get glitch slapped? While Nintendo is pretty on it by patching out the various glitches and hacks that have infected The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it seems new ones are slipping through the cracks with every update. 

We always knew the sequel to 2017's Breath of the Wild would be a bigger and bolder game, but with the main quest taking upwards of 100 hours, it's been one hell of a slog. Some haven't even gotten that far into the game, instead spending their time making the most of Tears' many glitches. 

Tears of the Kingdom has a 'glitch bible'

Most of you would be lying if you said you hadn't at least tried out one of the Tears glitches, with the duplication glitch (RIP) coming in handy to bolster your Rupee supply early in the game. If you've lost track of what works and what doesn't, one Zelda superfan has collated a Tears of the Kingdom glitch bible.

As reported by The Verge, glitch hunter "Mozz" has collated the Tears of the Kingdom glitch bible. Some use these glitches for speedrunning to get across the 198-mile map, with Mozz saying, "The ability to take a game and expand it in ways that not even the developers could have imagined is so much fun."

Others have been using it for plain ol' duplication, and some have just been trying to push Hyrule to its limits in terms of hilarious glitches. One of the most impressive is "zuggling," which uses Link's fuse ability to attach multiple weapons together and create a supercharged blade.

The carefully monitored Tears of the Kingdom glitch bible is regularly updated, and at the time of writing, has 71 glitches in its banks. As well as telling you how to use them and who discovered them, there's a handy box that tells you which version of the game each glitch will work with.

Zelda fans are refusing to update the game

Tears of the Kingdom's glitcher community is growing, and if you want to join the conversation, check out the title's speedrunning Discord and head to the "glitch hunting" channel. Be warned, this is a serious pastime, as players have already pushed the ANY% completion time to just over 69 minutes. 

Even though there are plenty of glitches to be found in the latest version of Tears, some of the older ones are a thing of the past if you've got auto-update active or have accidentally clicked update. Glitches are so popular, some fans are refusing to update their copy to the latest version.

With each update, Nintendo is clamping down on the glitch community. While it was once as easy as flipping a shield to get an almost infinite supply of gems, methods are getting increasingly difficult. Still, the Tears of the Kingdom glitch bible is one to keep an eye on if you want to make your journey to Ganondorf a little easier.

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