Zelda Master Sword glitch gives you the game’s most OP weapon

Zelda Master Sword glitch gives you the game’s most OP weapon
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Joseph Kime


23rd May 2023 12:30

Finally, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is here, and already, fans are smashing it to smithereens. Beyond more of what was offered in Breath of the Wild, the core draw of Tears is its building mechanics - crafting spaceships, drone fleets, skateboarding assault courses, and wooden men with flaming members.

It's a mechanic that has proved itself to be a worthy addition to what many think is the best game ever produced by Nintendo. But, others are still focused on being the toughest warrior on the Great Plains. And thankfully, there's a Zelda Master Sword glitch that's letting players do just that.

Zelda Master Sword glitch is a must-see

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Players are often disappointed to learn that the Great Plains' Master Sword has a limit on how often you can use it, waiting for it to recharge to avoid spamming. Even though it isn't even the toughest sword available in Tears of the Kingdom, fans have glitched their way to a Master Sword that breaks through this barrier.

A glitched sword, called MsgNotFound, has 30 power and is entirely unbreakable. Although it's a struggle to fuse anything to it (which defeats a major feature of the sequel), it makes up for it in droves by simply being impossible to shatter.

Better yet, the Zelda Master Sword glitch is relatively easy to find as it comes near the start of the game via the In-Isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island tutorial area. You can make quick work of Hyrule with your busted Master Sword in hand and the wind in your hair. 

How can I find the unbreakable Master Sword?

Of course, with Tears of the Kingdom's glitched Master Sword being a pretty overpowered weapon, it'll likely be no surprise that the glitch takes an awful lot of hard work. You have to fiddle with save states and patience - but if you feel that the result is worth the effort, look no further.

The glitch is outlined by YouTuber KnightPohtaytoe, who takes you through the lengthy step-by-step process. It involves trying to overwrite your save file, and while it can be a pretty daunting button to press, it apparently works in the latest update. Still, we're not responsible if you try it and things go wrong.

The MsgNotFound glitch reminds us of Pokemon's legendary MissingNo because it clearly isn't meant to be here but can be exploited with devastating effects. Even though the Zelda Master Sword glitch is hard work, it'll be worth it if you want that blade that will likely carry you through most of the trials. Godspeed you, Link.

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