Streamer Smashes Super Mario 64 Record Using A Drum Kit

Streamer Smashes Super Mario 64 Record Using A Drum Kit
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Joseph Kime


3rd Jan 2023 10:27

All these years later, it's wonderful to see Super Mario 64 still on top. The 3D platformer came out over 25 ago, and it remains one of the finest examples of the genre - even though it was among the first to take the genre for a spin.

The creative, adventurous romp around Peach's Castle and its magical paintings make for one of the prime examples of what the N64 could do, meaning even players today are finding new ways to love it.

Although it's completely bizarre, it was a surprise that nobody had beaten the game with a drum kit yet. That is, until now.

Speedrunner Hits Sub-20 Super Mario 64 Run - With A Drum Kit

Though we've seen games beaten with DDR pads, guitars, bananas, and even Demon's Souls with some Donkey Konga bongos, players are coming up with increasingly imaginative ways to best their favourite games.

One has not only mastered the art of playing Super Mario 64 with a drum kit, but he's also managed to break a massive record in the process.

Streamer CZR has a speciality of beating games with his trusty drums, and after setting out to do it two and a half years ago, he's managed to sweep through Super Mario 64 in under 20 minutes (which is an incredible achievement in itself) with his drum set as a controller.

The moment that the record was set was immortalised by a tweet on Jake Lucky's Twitter account, and the 16-star sub-20-minute run record (unsurprisingly) remains uncontested too. 

What's Next For Super Mario 64's Drum Kit Speedrunner?

Beating Super Mario 64 in under 20 minutes is an achievement on its own - even with a normal controller instead of drums. So, this makes CZR's new time of 19:48 even more impressive. It smashes his previous run of 21:09. 

Responding to a new fan asking what he'd be speedrunning next, CZR revealed that he's got a few titles in mind when it comes to crushing new drum speedrun records. His notion shows he's already set some impressive drum times for the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Breath of the Wild

The feat is incredibly impressive, and to break a record for such an old and adored game is something to be cherished indeed. CZR, take a bow.

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