Silent Hill reboot movie confirms full cast and new monsters

Silent Hill reboot movie confirms full cast and new monsters
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16th Mar 2023 14:37

While neither 2006's Silent Hill nor 2012's Silent Hill: Revelation were going to win any Academy Awards, they're not the worst video game adaptations out there. In fact, we'd go as far as saying the first Silent Hill movie was pretty good.

Now, original director Christophe Gans is coming back for the much-hyped Return to Silent Hill, which will adapt the events of Konami's Silent Hill 2. If you want to know more, we've got confirmation of the movie's full cast and what to expect from that tormented town. 

Who's in the Return to Silent Hill cast?

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As reported by DeadlineReturn to Silent Hill has nabbed Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson, with filming due to start next month.

Irvine's breakout role was playing Albert in War Horse, while he's since appeared in 2012's Great Expectations, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and This is Christmas. Anderson has appeared in the likes of Jigsaw, Dark Phoenix, and Amazon's The Purge series. 

As for their roles, Irvine will be playing fan-favourite James Sunderland. He's drawn to Silent Hill when he gets a letter from "his one true love" (Anderson). Following the events of Konami's 2001 game, we can expect her to be a live-action version of Mary. 

Gans hyped the theatrical reimagining and told fans, "Return to Silent Hill is a mythological love story about someone so deeply in love, they're willing to go to hell to save someone.

"I'm delighted to have the wonderful talents of both Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson take us on this journey into a psychological horror world that I hope will both satisfy and surprise fans of Silent Hill."

Return to Silent Hill promises new monsters

Executive Producer Victor Hadida promised it won't be a simple rehash of Konami's source material, adding, "You will still find the iconic monsters – but there will also be new designs. We are confident that this new film and Konami's updated game together will propel the franchise forward for years to come."

At least we know the iconic Pyramid Head is set to return, just like he was in Gans' original movie and M.J. Bassett's sequel. It's unclear whether Return to Silent Hill will reference the events of Revelation or ignore it as 2018's Halloween did with the franchise's many sequels.

There's currently no release date for Return to Silent Hill, but with the first movie making $100 million at the box office and Silent Hill 2 being the most popular game in the series, here's hoping Gans can do justice to one of the best video games of all time. 

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