Silent Hill Artist Admits He Hates Pyramid Head

Silent Hill Artist Admits He Hates Pyramid Head
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Tom Chapman


25th Feb 2022 11:21

He might be an icon of the horror scene, but that hasn't stopped the creator of Silent Hill's Pyramid Head admits he "f*****g" hates him. Mirroring Dr. Frankenstein's hatred for his own creation, it's a case of life imitating art. Don't worry Pyramid Head, we still love you. 

The Silent Hill series has delivered some right horrors over the years, and alongside the bound nurses, Robbie the Rabbit, and anything featured in P.T., Pyramid Head has cemented himself as the muscular daddy haunting out nightmares. Sadly, his popularity has waned under Masahiro Ito.

Why Does Pyramid Head's Creator Hate Him?

In a seemingly unprompted tweet, Masahiro Ito told fans, "I wish I hadn't designed fxxkin Pyramid Head." This obviously led to questions about why, but Ito wouldn't reveal his newfound hatred for Pyramid Head. With gamers left scratching their heads, there was speculation about what Ito could mean.

Some suggest that Pyramid Head has simply got too popular, with Ito only ever intending him to be a villain in the relatively small Silent Hill 2. Others think it could be that Ito doesn't feel fairly paid in terms of royalties, but ultimately, he isn't willing to tell us.

Look up any list of "iconic" Silent Hill villains, and you'll likely see Pyramid Head at the top or coming close to it. In a making of Silent Hill 2 documentary, Ito explained that he'd created Pyramid Head as a distortion of humanity. The creature originally had a mask, but with him still looking too human, Ito gave Pyramid Head his signature helmet. Voila, a horror icon is born. 


Will We See Pyramid Head Return?

Pyramid Head Dead by Daylight
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Behaviour Interactive

For the time being, you can get your Pyramid Head fix in Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive's asymmetrical horror added Pyramid Head as part of its Chapter 16 content, and although devs were accused of nerfing his ass, he's a popular addition to the Killer roster.

Sadly, there's no news on when/if Pyramid Head could return to that tormented town. After Konami gave up on Silent Hills in 2015, the franchise has been lost in a smog of swirling rumours. Although we've heard about multiple continuations/remakes - or even Hideo Kojima taking the reins once again - the Silent Hill name is currently more dead than Pyramid Head himself. 


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