Hideo Kojima’s OD has a clever Silent Hills Easter egg

Hideo Kojima’s OD has a clever Silent Hills Easter egg
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Megan Cooke


8th Dec 2023 20:35

The Game Awards was a big event for fans of Hideo Kojima with the announcement of a new game on the way.

While many people are looking forward to OD after the rather cryptic teaser trailer, some more eagle-eyed fans of his games may have noticed a subtle reference to a previous title in the award ceremony.

Hideo Kojima’s new game OD is still largely a mystery

Hideo Kojima is no stranger to events like The Game Awards, so it was no surprise when he took the stage to announce his latest game.

During the show, Kojima had time to make a speech regarding the upcoming game and what he believes will make it stand out, stating that it is something “no one has seen before”.

He said: “It is a game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s at the same time a movie and at the same time a new form of media.” 

Not much is known about the game, currently titled OD: A Hideo Kojima Game, however it is confirmed to be in partnership with Xbox and that Jordan Peele is involved.

Kojima also hinted that there will be other creatives involved in the project, saying: “What I can say right now is it’s not just Jordan. I have other creative partners with me on board on this project. I can’t really say who they are right now, but, I tell you, they are legends and they are amazing.”

The trailer itself does not give away much other than some of the cast, which includes Sophia Lillis, who starred in IT (2017) and Hunter Schafer from The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (2023).

The Game Awards included a sneaky reference to one of Kojima’s previous projects

While people were well aware of the time that Kojima spent on stage talking about his upcoming game, there was one thing about his appearance that was fairly easy to miss.

When Kojima walked onto the stage to give his speech, he came out through a fairly innocuous door, which on closer inspection turned out to be the door from PT.

The similarities between the two doors is plain to see, with the same light above the door, colour, and shape.

It is yet to be seen whether or not the references to PT and the Silent Hills game that never quite came to be will continue into OD or if this was specifically to raise interest at The Game Awards.

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