‘Do you want fries with that?’ Silent Hill finally has a McDonald’s

‘Do you want fries with that?’ Silent Hill finally has a McDonald’s
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13th Jul 2023 11:10

It's something we never thought we'd be writing, but finally, Silent Hill has a McDonald's. That's right, you can now head to that tormented town to chow down on 12 McNuggets while guzzling a Grimace Shake. We're not sure why the survival horror needed the fast food giant, but to be honest, we aren't complaining. 

Since the first Silent Hill game came out in 1999, we've come to learn that it's a strange ol' place. If not for muscular monsters sporting giant pyramids on their head, it's bondage nurses missing their faces or the idea that a sadistic dog is running the entire thing. Still, McDonald's popping up there is one of the strangest.

McDonald's is now in Silent Hill

Twitter user "@ecto_fun" claims that they had a dream (or is it a nightmare?) about visiting McDonald's in Silent Hill, so they decided to recreate it.

Complete with the usual atmospheric fog, the abandoned Maccies looks oddly at home here as Harry Mason stops by for a Big Mac. 

Others loved the idea of McDonald's appearing in Silent Hill, proving that the food conglomerate has no qualms about popping up anywhere around the globe. One fan cheered, "Can't wait to try that Pyramid Head Frappe," while another questioned, "What did they serve?"

Most impressively, the official McDonadl's Twitter responded, saying, "Is that pyramid head in the drive-thru?" We'd like to point out they haven't actually modded the game, meaning you can't visit this nightmarish Silent Hill branch of McDonald's. Still, we don't imagine it'll be long before someone creates a mod for this.

Silent Hill is back in a big way

Return to Silent Hill artwork
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After a decade of abandonment, Konami is finally breathing new life into the stale corpse of Silent Hill. As well as the long-rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake, there is a slew of new games - meaning it's sometimes hard to keep up with what's on the way.

There's the mysterious Silent Hill f set in 1960s Japan, the interactive Silent Hill: Ascension, and Silent Hill: Townfall from inside developer No Code Studio and Stray's Annapurna Interactive. If that wasn't enough, Silent Hill (2006) director Christophe Gans is back with Return to Silent Hill.

In the case of waiting for a bus and then three coming along at once, Konami is going hard with Silent Hill. Given that 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour was a far cry from the franchise's best, here's hoping the deluge of new titles can remind us why we love the series. Out of all of these, surely one of them has to be great? 

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