Silent Hill 2 remake shambles nearer after rating confirmed

Silent Hill 2 remake shambles nearer after rating confirmed
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Joseph Kime


1st Apr 2024 10:43

It feels like a lifetime ago that the Silent Hill 2 remake was revealed. There’s a lot riding on this return to form for the franchise, as after all, survival horror has kicked back in a major way over the last decade, and if the king of them all flops when it brings its most iconic story to life in the modern era, it doesn’t bode well for the genre at large.

Fans have had plenty to say about the game’s combat as it appeared in a special trailer highlighting gunplay, forgetting that combat was a huge issue in the game’s community when it first launched, and while fans bicker, it appears the release date could be sneaking up on us through the fog.

Silent Hill 2 has been rated

In a new indicator that a release date could be revealed soon, it has been announced that Silent Hill 2 has received a rating from ESRB, and by the ratings board’s standards, players are ready to receive the game. Providing, of course, they’re older than 17.

ESRB’s new description of Silent Hill 2’s remake states that the game is a horror adventure that features a litany of weapons, viscera and references to sexual abuse.

It was probably safe to presume that the game would be intended for mature audiences, but this just about confirms it, especially as the report pretty comedically caps things off by announcing that “The word s**t appears in the game.” Cover your ears.

It doesn’t seem to end here, though, as in other news, one member of the game’s team has gone on to claim that the latest trailer for the game isn’t the best way to judge Silent Hill 2 itself.

Silent Hill 2’s team want players to judge the game when they’ve played it

James Sunderland swings a baseball bat at an enemy lurking in the fog in Silent Hill 2's remake.
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After there was some substantial backlash to the latest trailer for the game that shows off its combat, which many have suggested is trying too hard to replicate the action of Resident Evil’s string of remakes, one team member working on the game has suggested that the trailer doesn’t entirely reflect what the game is all about.

We are not responsible for the marketing side,” says Bloober Team’s president Piotr Babieno, in an interview posted and rescinded by and transcribed by Eurogamer Poland. “That is entirely the responsibility of our partner. Certainly, this trailer does not reflect the spirit of the game.

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He goes on to add that he thinks that “when players see the real gameplay, the real game, they will judge it in a completely different way,” but of course, it remains to be seen. Fans will find something to be devastated by, and Bloober will have to contend with it. Such is the hell of game development - they’re creating a product for an audience of gamers. And we know what they’re like.

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