Return to Silent Hill reveal has everyone hating Pyramid Head’s new look

Return to Silent Hill reveal has everyone hating Pyramid Head’s new look
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Tom Chapman


16th May 2024 16:32

12 years after Silent Hill: Revelation failed to make much noise at the box office, we're heading back to that tormented town and lighting the fires beneath. Christophe Gans is back in the director's chair for Return to Silent Hill, and with him, the formidable force of Pyramid Head is lumbering into view.

2006's Silent Hill attempted to adapt the twisted world of Konami's survival horror series, and while it was a perfectly 'fine' attempt, its 2012 sequel was critically panned. One particularly scathing comment said the only improvement was the fact it was shorter than the original.

Return to Silent Hill gives us a first look at Pyramid Head

Although Gans sat out from Revelation, he's 'returning' for Return for Silent Hill, hoping to breathe new life into its fetid corpse. Fans have got their first look at Return to Silent Hill, and surprising no one, Pyramid Head is front and centre of the reboot.

After first appearing in 2001's Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head has since become an icon of horror gaming and even made his mark on Dead by Daylight. Although it looks like Gans is going for a more game-accurate version of Pyramid Head for Return to Silent Hill, it seems not everyone is sold on the idea.

Variety gave us the scoop on Pyramid Head's return, confirming that the reboot movie will be based on Silent Hill 2. One unconvinced fan said, "Is it just me or does this look like a Gecco statue 🤔," while another added, "Looks like a toy." Many were confused whether this was supposed to be a game or a movie, and someone simply concluded, "What is that!?"

Not everyone loves Pyramid Head

Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head and Knife
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Image via Konami

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These days, it's hard to imagine Silent Hill without Pyramid Head. He's once again the poster boy of the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, and we'd be surprised if he didn't appear in upcoming titles, including Silent Hill f and Silent Hill Townfall. However, it could've been a very different story. 

While we might love Pyramid Head, creator Masahiro Ito previously said he 'f****g' hates him but didn't clarify why. It's possible that Pyramid Head has become a victim of his own success, being strolled out at every given opportunity and losing some of his mystery. After all, imagine if Resident Evil's Nemesis was everywhere.

For video game purists, at least the new Pyramid Head will be giving us a more accurate depiction of this hulking horror. Even if you think he looks like a toy or a video game model, at least Return to Silent Hill looks like an even grittier take on the source material. Anyway, it can't be worse than Silent Hill: Revelation. 

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