Silent Hill's Original Pyramid Head Design Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Silent Hill's Original Pyramid Head Design Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
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Joseph Kime


24th Jan 2023 16:13

It barely needs to be said, but Silent Hill is pretty damn scary. Sorry if we're the ones who broke it to you.

The series has been the reference point for horror video games for the longest time, with not even the most bone-chilling new IPs being able to top it or Resident Evil from their throne of recognisability.

One of the biggest reasons for this is undoubtedly Pyramid Head, the giant sword-dragging beast that occupies the series' iconic second game.

Pyramid Head has since become the primary source of terror for fans. But, he was once different. And much, much scarier.

Silent Hill 2's Designer Reveals First Concept Of Pyramid Head

The original creature designer of Silent Hill 2, Masahiro Ito, has revealed the first piece of art that lead to the creation of Pyramid Head.

Though Ito has often expressed disdain for those chasing him up for bizarre details about the series, this seems to be a morsel he's happy to share.

The first iteration of Pyramid Head is in a painting called 3310, which Ito made in 1999 after working on the first Silent Hill game.

"I was thinking the object of in the middle of this pic as a character that the protagonist encountered in water from an story-idea for the SH2 [sic]," he said on Twitter. "This figure became Pyramid Head eventually."

It's a fascinating look at the idea of Pyramid Head, as it comes off as slightly biblical, and it even evokes the Hellraiser style of '80s horror.

When Is Silent Hill 2's Remake Coming Out?

This is a pretty interesting peek at the origins of Pyramid Head - and it's good timing, too, as his return isn't actually that far off. At least, we hope.

Silent Hill 2 is the new remake from Bloober Team, and it's one that fans have been begging for for years. It might finally be on the way to PlayStation 5 and PC, but we don't actually have an official release date.

At least we can take solace in the fact the Silent Hill 2 remake has a teaser trailer that gives us a fresh look at James Sunderland. 

Horror hounds are expecting Silent Hill to launch at some point in 2023, but until we get an official announcement, Pyramid Head can wait in limbo - though we're not sure we can.

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