GTA 4 Remaster Rumours Are Back With A Vengeance

GTA 4 Remaster Rumours Are Back With A Vengeance
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Tom Chapman


29th Jun 2022 10:27

Someone get Niko Bellic on the phone because it sounds like a GTA 4 remaster could be on the way from Rockstar Games. It's been 14 years since we met war veteran Bellic, who was thrown onto the crime-riddled streets of Liberty City and tried to navigate its criminal underground. 

While GTA V might be the most profitable entertainment product of all time, that hasn't stopped a swathe of praise for GTA 4 and some calling it the best game in the GTA series. It's true we've heard about a potential Liberty City expansion for GTA Online, but come on, this is far more exciting.

Is A GTA 4 Remaster On The Way?

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These latest leaks come courtesy of Xfire, with the site having sat down with trusted insider Matheusvictorbr. Here, we return to those rumours from November that a GTA 4 remaster is still on the way. This is sure to raise a few eyebrows considering how the GTA Trilogy fared last year, but we doubt Rockstar would repeat the same mistakes of handing a remaster to Grove Street Games.

Then again, Matheusvictorbr claims that a GTA 4 remaster won't be arriving on its own... cue worried looks between us all. If GTA 4 does come bundled with other games, there's the notion that whoever is working on the collection is spreading itself too thinly. If you can't get one thing right, why focus on three?

Added to this, what else would GTA 4 come bundled with? We're running out of games to include, and apart from adding acclaimed DLCs like The Ballad of Gay Tony, there's nothing else to really add to a GTA 4 remaster. Still, given that this is the second time we've heard these reports, it's looking increasingly likely that one is on the way. With the idea of a GTA 4 remaster, Xfire says "one is planned, eventually," so we're in the dark about when that could be. 


Is GTA 4 Coming To GTA Online?

If we're getting a GTA 4 remaster, it stands to reason that we'll get something similar in GTA Online. Although most of us are waiting for even a sniff of GTA 6 Easter eggs in the online multiplayer to cue the franchise's next main entry, there could be some nods to Liberty City to set up a remaster for GTA 4. We've already seen some of this when fans think they spotted the city skyline reflected in a hotel window.

Matheusvictorbr has also said GTA Online won't be left behind, and as well as adding a "Cops 'n Crooks mode" featuring GTA V antagonist Don Percival, there will be 20 new radio stations - including one called Carcer Soul FM as a potential tie to Rockstar's Manhunt. As for GTA 4, the leaker once again reiterated a Liberty City expansion is on the way. We've seen hints of Niko in GTA V and Online, so it's about time we continued his story. 

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